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Evidence of Abundance


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I have exciting news to share with you. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March 10th. We are excited to welcome him to our family. I am even more excited that I have a business and lifestyle that allows me to spend plenty of time with my little one and still pursue my creativity. I feel so blessed!

I had the easiest delivery I could imagine. I got to experience my divine feminine strength during the process of delivering my child. My intention to experience my divine feminine energy took over my fear of labour.

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Evidence of Abundance
Here are the steps to creating an abundant experience in every situation, be it a business project or something more personal.

I had an intention to have an easy labour and easy time after I brought the baby home. Creating an intention is the first step in having an abundant experience.

Asking Someone to Hold Your Intention for You
I shared my intention with a very good friend who was once a midwife in Manitoba. Although I had the intention to have an easy labour, I didn't quite vision it to be totally natural. Sharing my intention with someone who believed in the divinity of woman to deliver naturally, who believed and held unconditional intention for me made the process of delivering my child easy and effortless.

Accept Support
One of the lessons I learned from my first birth is to always accept good support. With my first child, I didn't accept support because I felt inadequate asking for help.  Now I am in a different place and accept support graciously. Asking for and receiving help are both acts of generosity. I get my meals cooked by my community and my sister's housekeeper. My husband does the diaper and bath duty. I get to feed the baby and relax. It is a wonderful way to raise a child.

Believe in Abundance
When I went into labour, the nurse asked me to give a urine sample. I went to washroom but didn't have any fluid in my body to pass water. At that very moment, my water bag broke and despite of labour pain I smiled thinking of the abundance of water that was available. My friend Jamie had been encouraging me to apply the concept of abundance and law of attraction to my delivery process and it worked like a magic.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs
When the doctors told me that I was ready to deliver the baby in 5 minutes, right after I reached the hospital, all my fears came up. I can't do this. I have low pain tolerance, etc.

During the process of a very easy delivery, I was able to let go of many of the limiting beliefs I had held about myself. I was grateful for the opportunity to release them and choose new beliefs about myself.

Abundance of Time
I was told by many women that labour pain is really bad. "It can feel like you are dying." In my innocence, I kept waiting for it to get really bad. When I reached hospital they said I was ready to deliver. My husband said he was parked in a five minute parking zone so he needed to move the car. The doctor said, "Your baby is coming in five minutes!" The Universe expanded with an abundance of time. My husband was there to help me deliver and then he went to park the car.

Once again I had to laugh at the reality of abundance, a concept I have been teaching all along.

Pain is Sometimes a Reality, Suffering is Always Optional
The stories we tell ourselves shape the experiences we have. Rather than try to escape the pain of this birth, I decided to embrace it and stay with it. I chose to acknowledge it and noticed that it came and went. Everything in life is like that. It ebbs and flows. When we stay with the pain and embrace the experience and the energy it creates, when we can allow our anger, hatred, fear and pain and let it wash over us and leave again, we will find an abundance of peace and growth on the other side.

Remember, there is an abundance of experience in life to choose from. All we have to do is make a decision, choose how we want experience life and life will show up in that way.


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