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Igniting the Energy


I am wrapping up the Abundance in Marketing Mindset group-coaching class that began in February. Please stay tuned for an announcement coming soon about a 4-session teleclass on creating intentions. If you have one goal you would like to achieve that will help move your business forward with abundance and ease, then this teleclass is for you!

For those who are new to my newsletter, I work with creative female entrepreneurs including coaches, healers, writers, filmmakers, designers and others to help them create abundance in their business from their feminine essence. Welcome!

This photo is taken with Terri Zwierzynski who is the President of Solo-E, an online community that supports entrepreneurs to market their businesses over the internet. Terri is part of the Abundance in Marketing Mindset group-coaching class that I am currently teaching. Co-incidentally Terri came to Vancouver for the World Thought Leader Conference, while we were in the middle of the program and I had the great privilege of meeting her during her lunch break at the hotel.

Other great news: I was published in the Aspire Magazine February-March issue. I wrote an article titled, Become the Success You Want to Create for their business section. Aspire Magazine is currently planning a tele-summit with Marianne Williamson, Christiane Northrup, Jehmu Greene, Deva Premal, Joan Borysenko, and Marci Shimoff. You may have heard some of the above names if you have studied self-help and spiritual ways of creating business. If not, then know that you would benefit greatly from the wisdom of these women, some of whom have been on Oprah and have written books and given keynote speeches on the topics of interest to women. I recommend you subscribe Aspire's current issue to get more details. To subscribe please click here.

Igniting the Energy

In last month's newsletter I spoke about intention. Creating an intention has always been a comfortable concept for me because it uses feminine energy. A focused intention that is born out of being in the flow of life, listening to your soul and capturing that energy in alignment with the natural rhythm of life, allows for miracles in the process of creating a successful business or a personal life.

I have learned that once we make a decision and create an intention, the next step is to ignite various energies in our consciousness that can help align our internal energy with the external object of desire.

The easiest way to ignite these energies of creation is to look for someone who already possess them in their consciousness and get into a relationship with that person. Being in an energetic relationship with this person can help you to quicken the process of your own evolution by exchanging the energy you are trying to ignite in yourself, and in turn help you create what you want to create faster!

I am a strong believer in having coaches and mastermind groups in my business to help me move to next level. I look for someone who has achieved success the way I want to achieve it, by being in touch with their values and expressing their passions from an authentic place, and then I make a conscious effort to get into a committed coaching or masterminding relationship with them to move forward.

It helps on a practical level, of course, with brainstorming and such, but lately I have paid close attention to subtle changes, the changes that happen right away when two people enter into an exchange of creating energy by being in a committed working relationship with one another. The exchange of money makes this relationship committed and when one person pays the other it is a declaration that they value what is offered. The commitment of exchanging money in turn for talent creates a strong committed energetic relationship in which both people show up fully to explore what is possible for the giver and receiver.

I have noticed in the mastermind group I am leading, that changes are happening for the group on many different levels from various sources. I believe this is because they have committed to the group in a focused manner.

Stay tuned for information about my next program, starting soon, where you will find the support to create intentions that will move you forward towards your dreams.


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Zahra passionately supports heart-centered, spiritually oriented, creative female entrepreneurs market their businesses with authenticity and integrity. She works with those who desire to share their own powerful messages with the world including coaches, artists, healers, writers, filmmakers and designers among others. Zahra combines her marketing experience with her intuition and teaches women how to get in touch with their inner feminine wisdom and source of personal abundance to create the outer result of an effortlessly abundant life. Zahra is a published author who has written extensively on the principles of abundance including her e-book The Power of Gratitude. She has appeared on TV and given many keynote speeches. She enjoys working with clients one-on-one, in groups and through tele-classes available worldwide.

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