Attention: Heart Centered Creative Women Entrepreneurs/Coaches/Healers, Authors and Others


Abundant Business Retreat

4 Hour V.I.P Virtual Retreat


If you are not able to:

Make profit in your heart centered business
Working too hard
Don’t have enough clients

You need to learn to:

checkboxWays to double or triple your income
checkboxWork smart not hard
checkboxBusiness strategies that can bring you a lot of income in less than half the amount of time  you are working right now.

You know that:

  • For you to consistently express your talents and put your passionate work out in the world, you need to make profit in your heart-centered business.
  • If most of your time is spent worrying about making an income, then you don't have energy left to make an impact and your great work is going unnoticed.
I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way.  You can enjoy abundance of income while having the fre time to spend with family and friends and to pursue other interests.  However, you will need to say 'Yes,' to yourself first by filling out the forms below.

Apply for a 4 Hour V.I.P Virtual Retreat to ge a complete business makeover, and see your financial blueprint change immediately!  Only the first five people who apply will be qualified for an interview so hurry!

One of the biggest challenges I had before my retreat with Zahra was working very hard and continuously feeling like I could not get ahead. There was never enough paycheck at the end of the bills. Since our V.I.P Retreat things began to turn around for me immediately. More people are coming to me and paying me my asking prices instead of asking for discounts as they did prior to my work with Zahra. Last week I decided I wanted to have 12 people sign up for one of my raw vegan cuisine classes and today that 12th person signed up! I still have over 3 weeks to continue to fill the class to abundant capacity!! Not to mention I just found out last Friday that I won a recipe contest and won a 3 day 2 night get away in Napa Valley. I’ve signed up for Zahra’s 4 months Platinum Program as well, and the money has already been showing up as if by making the commitment the Universe has opened up the doors of abundant flow to me.

The value of working with Zahra has been enormous so far. I can not even perceive, at this point, how valuable it has actually been as of yet. I can imagine that this retreat is the turning point to exponential growth for my business and growth on a personal level.

Andrea Lambert
Raw Vegan Cuisine
Therapeutic Massage


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