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Its Not a Business, Its a LifeStyle


Create A Lifestyle that Your Business Serves, not a business that your Life Serves...


If you are following all the marketing advice out there and still not making the income you would like to make in your Heart Centered Business, you need to listen to the information shared on this summit so that you can learn:

  • What is the source of all abundance?
  • How can you tune into that abundance?
  • Why is it easy and even fun to make money when you get your inspiration from the abundant principles of the Universe?
  • How to find the courage to be you and create a wildly successful business from that place of knowing YOU.
  • How to serve your deepest desires of connection, collaboration and community through your business.
  • How to go deep and dig into the dark to find the wisdom of your soul.
  • How to honour your own rhythums, cycles, needs and desires instead of chasing or getting distracted by what everyone else is doing and more.....


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Speaker Schedule

Session 1: Create Abundance From Honouring Your Sexuality

1Liyana Silver
February 2, 2015

How the Sexy Wisdom Of Your Body can Lead you To Abundance In Business and Life



Session 2: Create Abundance From Your Dark Side

Antiqua Libby

February 3, 2015

Creating Abundance From Dark Times - the art of happiness



Session 3: Create Abundance From Your Dark Side


Leela Somya

February 4, 2015

Your Dark Night of the Soul is the Key to Your D*Light-Full Work & Life


Session 4: Abundance Through A Healthy Relationship with Money 1

Karen Russo
February 5, 2015

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth



Session 5: Abundance In Business Through Using Your Intuition 1

Stephanie McWilliams

February 6, 2015

Use Intuition In Business To Create Success



Session 6: Soul Language and Abundance In Business

Jennifer Urezzio

February 9, 2015

Creating a Deep Sense of Safety to Speak Your Truth and Receive Abundantly




Session 7: Creativity In Business

Laura West

February 10, 2015

Embrace Your Courageous Creativity in your Business for more Genuine Joy, Abundance and Success!


Session 8: The Art of Creating Products that Breakthrough the Noise and Get Noticed

1Marcy Nelson-Garrison

February 11, 2015

When Your Inner Rebel Meets Your Muse - Watch Out! The Art of Creating Products that Breakthrough the Noise and Get Noticed


Session 9: Abundance Through Clarity

1Zahra Efan

February 12, 2015

Use clarity of Message, Money & Marketing to Create a Business With Feminine Ease and Grace



Session 10: The 3 Key Messaging Hurdles Purposepreneurs Tend To Trip Over

1Lissa Bolles

Februry 13, 2015

The 3 Key Messaging Hurdles Purposepreneurs Tend To Trip Over (& what to do about them)



Session 11: Magnetize Abundance Through Your Marketing Message

1Tonya Davidson

February 16, 2015

Magnetizing Abundance Through Your Presence and Messaging


Session 12: Abundance Through Marketing

1Karen McGregor

February 17, 2015

How to Triple Your Income Through Speaking



Session 13: Out of Overwhelm and Into Profitability


Jason Stein

February 18, 2015

Out of Overwhelm and Into Profitability



Session 14: The New Feminine Bliss Business Formula - Sacred Sales Solution™

1Nan Akasha

February 19, 2015

The New Feminine Bliss Business Formula - Sacred Sales Solution™




Session 15: Older, Wiser, and More Abundant


Kaya Singer

February 20th, 2015

Business Abundance the Wise Woman Way



Your Host ~ Zahra Efan


Zahra Efan is an Abundant Business Coach, Best Selling Author, a Key Note speaker and a Trainer. Most importantly, she is a mother of two children and a wife, also a social activist at heart who wears many hats along with working with her fabulous clients.

She specializes in supporting creative female entrepreneurs to create financially successful businesses and soul satisfying abundant lifestyles. She combines her background in marketing and sales with her intuition to guide her clients toward successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

Zahra has been published in media extensively and has 30+ media interview including appearing on TV and Radio speaking about principles of abundance in business and life. One of her recent  key note speech was at Vancouver’s Top Entrepreneurs event. She has also been published along side Debbie Ford in Aspire Magazine along with many other publications including best-selling book ‘Manifesting In High Heels.’

Zahra’s clients are located all over the world including Canada, Australia, and the United States. Zahra works with selected number of private clients, teaches group programs and gives workshop and key note speeches to large audiences. Her passion is to support female entrepreneurs creating a successful business with ease, joy and abundance.

"Zahra was the turning point to my exponential growth "

AndreaOne of the biggest challenges I had before my retreat with Zahra was working very hard and continuously feeling like I could not get ahead. Since our V.I.P Retreat things began to turn around for me immediately. More people are coming to me and paying me my asking prices instead of asking for discounts as they did prior to my work with Zahra. I feel like I am having a much more equal exchange of energy, my services for their money, and we are all happy about it!. Last week I decided I wanted to have 12 people sign up for one of my raw vegan cuisine classes and today that 12th person signed up! I still have over 3 weeks to continue to fill the class to abundant capacity!! Not to mention I just found out last Friday that I won a recipe contest and won a 3 day 2 night get away in Napa Valley. I’ve signed up for Zahra’s 4 months Platinum Program as well, and the money has already been showing up as if by making the commitment the Universe has opened up the doors of abundant flow to me.

The exercises and guidance Zahra gives in her Abundant Money Retreat helped me discover aspects of my life I would not have even thought about exploring. I didn’t even realize they had anything to do with why I was struggling to build my business.

The value of working with Zahra has been enormous so far. At this point, I cannot even perceive how valuable it has actually been as of yet. I can imagine that working with Zahra is the turning point to my exponential growth not only for my business but also for my growth on a personal level.

~ Andrea Lambert
Raw Vegan Cuisinet
Therapeutic Massage
Phoenix, Arizona


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