Invest in Yourself

When I think about my life and the changes I have made over the years, I understand that it wouldn’t have been possible without having made an investment in myself. When we follow others who have done what we wish to do and engage in a relationship with them, we move forward more quickly. It’s an energetic connection. Vibrationally, the person who can take us ahead is someone who has already done what we are trying to do.

I feel extreme gratitude, doing what I love on my own terms. This month I am travelling to take a personal growth course, my husband and my son will come along with me. I feel grateful that at the end of the day, my son will greet me rather than my returning to an empty hotel room and phoning home to hear, ‘Mama, I miss you.’ I will have him by my side. Being a momprenuer and having the flexibility to have my family travel with me is a gift. When I work with other momprenuers, I help them connect with their inner abundance by encouraging them to take only inspired action. This allows them to create a lifestyle with an abundance of time to enjoy with their families.

As a result of investing in myself, I have an abundance of time and I make lifestyle choices that allow me to be express my creativity. Being self-employed I get to dress in colours and outfits that I like to wear, a much better choice for me than the business suits I wore in my previous job. Dressing in colours and styles that allow me to express my feminity makes me happy and I show up to my workshops and presentations authentically me.

I would encourage you to make a dream list outlining the lifestyle you would like to experience:

  • How many hours would you like to work?
  • What would you like to wear to your work?
  • Would you like to work alone or with other people?
  • What are the kind of experiences, adventures you would like to experience?
  • Where would you like to travel and with whom?

Once you have made the list of what you would like to create. Do some research and connect with someone, a mentor or a coach who has already achieved the kind of success you want to achieve.

Connect with your Soul Path


Listening to our soul means connecting with our gifts, being one with our passions and expressing them freely in the world. The traditional school and work environment does not always encourage us to express our passions. We are supposed to get a job whether we are passionate about it or not, often resulting in feeling as though we are selling our souls in the process. There may come a time when the pain of staying in a passion-less job costs more than the risk it takes to discover our passion. This is when we are most likely to hear the voice of our soul. Our life work is about expressing our passion and building an income-deriving lifestyle from it.

When potential clients contacts me for a coaching session, my role as a coach is to help my clients achieve their goals in an effortless way. First, I gather information to find out their goals. What would they like to accomplish as a result of working with me?
Once we know the goals, I want to find out about her passion for the project. Goals are important and the passion is the energy that will see them fulfilled.

I recently had a session with a client who is launching a magazine about cultural diversity in America. Her mission for the magazine is to clarify the stereotypes people have about people of different cultural backgrounds living in America. She wants to make people aware of the diversity of American people. The magazine is going to be a “true representation of America,” my client says. I understand what my client wants on an intellectual level and I need to scratch what is underneath her desire to produce this magazine.

I asked my client to tell me more about the magazine. “It is going to bridge the gap between the stereotypes people have about America and American people,” she shared enthusiastically. I was still looking for more information. I was not yet certain why my client would want to do this work. I wanted to hear her personal passion about the project. How does it fit in with who she is? Why has she chosen this particular topic over everything else she could do? After asking a series of questions and sharing similar stories from other clients, I asked politely and passionately, “Why do you want to do that?” She replied, “What do you mean?”

When I ask questions during a coaching session, I am listening for the clues of passion. I want to hear the voice of their soul. How do their goals connect with who they are? What makes them excited about their goal? What angers them about the way things are presently?

Passion is born out of either our pain or our desire for joy. It doesn’t matter how passion is being born as long as we connect with it.

“What does having others understand the diversity of American people have to do with you? How does it affect you personally?” I probed my client. “Where do you fit into this passion?” I asked again.

Then came the million dollar insight. My client shared that while growing up she had lived with all the stereotypes that are associated with her particular cultural background in America. She wanted to clarify the stereotypes for people, to paint a picture of which people are behind the lenses, filters and judgments.

Who better to represent the cultural diversity of American nations than someone who has experienced the pain of others not understanding the reality and scope of her background? I knew that once my client had made the connection, she was on her passionate path to do something great with this magazine! After that conversation, it was no longer the launch of a magazine, it was an expression of her life mission and the life path my client has chosen in this lifetime. Her earlier experiences equipped her to do it in a completely unique way.

What are your passions? Don’t tuck away you pain due to the fear. Re-visit not only your great experiences but also the tough ones. This is where you will find your life mission. Your life is speaking through you right now, listen and pay attention!

Become the Market you Want to Capture

What does “become the market you want to capture” mean? It means becoming you!—being so irresistibly attractive that your clients want to buy from you. It means owning your attractiveness! By being yourself and showing your uniqueness—owning it and letting it shine for all the world to see—you become the market you want to capture!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I want to serve these particular people?
  • What attracts me to them?
  • Why am I passionate about selling to these people, rather than all the other people in the world?

The answer is that these people are interested in being served by you.

  • These people are looking for what you have. You are just responding to their desires by choosing them and claiming them as your market.
  • There is a match between your desire to serve them and their need to be served by you, which means you—and only you—have the solution to their specific needs.
  • Once you identify and capture the link between your desire and their needs, you can start to own your expertise to serve them. You live, breath, and become the market you want to capture.

All you need to do is own your uniqueness, brilliance, and greatness—and express it in the world!

Here are the reasons why you should own your uniqueness to become the market you want to capture:

  • When you claim your uniqueness, your clients cannot help but be attracted to you.
  • Your product or service is your creation and an extension of you. Once you say it as it really is, your clients will be attracted to you.

Here are a few tips on implementing these ideas in your marketing material:

  • Use language that sounds like you.
  • Share and connect your passion for your product and your reasons for creating it! You become your product when you speak about it with heartfelt passion!
  • Once you connect with your passion, it will come through when you talk about it in your marketing, your presentation, and everything you say and do.
  • Really own the joy you feel for your creation.
  • Share the benefits you have achieved through your product and services.

Your unwavering belief in and love for your product will outshine everything else. Be authentic!

Create from Your Feminine Essence

Create from Your Feminine Essence

Feminine Essence is our ‘being,’ side. Whereas, masculine essence is our ‘doing,’ side. Both men and women have Musculine and Feminine sides.

In order to carry a task forward, we need to take action. However, if we continue to take frantic actions without first being in touch with who we are, what we value, etc. we can easily burn out. Therefore, before taking any action one needs to be in their feminine essence to make an informed and effortless decision about the action they are taking. Here are the few ways to get in touch with your feminine essence.


Slow Down

Trust that everything happens for a reason. Pushing harder will not necessarily make things happen faster. Take the time to align your energy. Take action that is focused and internally inspired. These are the keys to creating an effortless life.

Inner Wisdom

Listen to your inner wise self instead of the external model of creating, which is usually masculine-based and doesn’t always work for women. When we get in touch with our intuition and take action from a place of trust and knowledge, we create better and faster results.


There is no rush! Women know that feminine energy is divine. Women can relax and trust, knowing that nature creates everything effortlessly. The sun shines effortlessly every day. We, too, can learn to tune in to the natural rhythms of the divine and create an effortless life.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

One of the ways to tune up your feminine sense is to surround yourself with beautiful things. Colours, nature, everything to do with creation can help us get in touch with our feminine essence.

Take a Break

When you are feeling stressed, de-focus for a while. Get away from what you are doing and go for a walk, spend time with your children, do something for fun. This way you will bring yourself back to the natural rhythm of your being.

Take a Deep Breath

Stay with your body and in the present moment. Nothing helps a woman get in touch with her inner wisdom better than being in touch with her body.

We need our masculine side to carry out certain tasks that we must do, but for those tasks that are born out of being in touch with our feminine essence, we will accomplish them with less effort and better results because of the ideas pouring in from divine wisdom!