Express Your Voice

There are so many ways to express your voice, for example, through writing and speaking, or through art, acting and music. The path to finding your passion is through connecting with your pain or your joy.

One of my clients has found her calling in health and wellness and caring for others. She knows what it was like not to be taken care of while she was growing up. Now, for her, expressing her voice means connecting with different modes of expression through caring for other people—helping them with essential oils or caring for their bodies through yoga.

Some people express their voice through creativity, such as website design. Others have a knack for technology and marketing. How do you express your voice? What is your passion? One clue to your passion is to ask yourself what brings you so much joy that you lose all track of time. In addition to bringing you joy, your passion heals you.

For me, seeing women become successful, supporting them in claiming their value and expressing their voice, brings me immense joy. I believe in my clients. I create a place for them where they can feel safe enough to be themselves. Once they feel safe and begin to believe in another human being who truly cares about them, they can begin to care about themselves.

I encourage you to express your voice. It doesn’t matter how you choose to express it; you owe it to yourself and the world to share your voice. The world needs your unique expression.

Self-Acceptance: A Prerequisite to Unlocking the Door to Our Dreams

Why is it important to accept ourselves?  We live in a society where we are bombarded with messages like, “Lose weight now!” “Buy your dream outfit!” or “Book the vacation of your dreams!” We are led to believe that if we could just achieve that next goal, our lives would be perfect. Maybe, maybe not. 

I am not suggesting we shouldn’t have dreams or goals. I’m suggesting that, first, we accept ourselves and the way God loves us, as we are right now, then we create our goals from that place of total self-acceptance.

What does self-acceptance mean? It means loving ourselves no matter what. Loving ourselves doesn’t mean postponing self-love until we lose twenty pounds or find the perfect mate. Loving ourselves means loving ourselves right now, in this very moment, no matter what. We don’t have to wait for something to happen before we can fully accept ourselves.

Loving ourselves means accepting our limits. It also means accepting every situation, past, present and future. If we have experienced failures and disappointments in the past, for example, then the loving thing to do would be to use that experience as a stepping stone. If we were not loved unconditionally by the adults around us while growing up then we need to love ourselves now, and use that experience to be more compassionate towards the younger ones today.

We need to love ourselves the way God loves us. God’s love for the human race is unconditional. The sun shines no matter what. It shines on everyone every day regardless of what we have done or not done to please God. The only way to love ourselves and receive God’s love is by loving our imperfections as much as we love the good things about us. That is why God created us in his own image. He never wanted us to be perfect. He created us out of love, and he wants us to learn to love ourselves and the world around us.

If our version of acceptance is what today’s media tells us, we are not opening ourselves fully to God’s love. We need to take the time to ask ourselves why we buy into messages from outside. We don’t need to do that. We can make our own decisions and our own choices. Once we start to love ourselves, our to-do list will begin to shrink. We no longer need to do anything to receive love from others. We do things from a spiritual and grounded place. There is no rush to get anywhere—we are already where we are supposed to be. We no longer feel afraid to express ourselves to others. There is no such thing as losing love when love is all around us. We don’t look to one particular relationship to meet our needs. We look everywhere and find love. We are not stuck on only one road to success; many avenues open up to us. We are not caught up in the rat race. We feel whole and complete, and at that very moment we begin to feel grateful for what we already have. We begin to cherish our past because we understand that the past is what made us who we are. We celebrate learning, and we turn our pain into passion. We feel grateful, grounded and happy in the knowledge that we are the person God made us to be, and we are created in God’s image.

Extreme Self-Care

What does extreme self-care mean? It means taking great care of ourselves so that we are able to offer our best selves – rather than our tired, worn-out selves – to others. In modern society, we women tend to do too much. Along with our careers and everything else that is required of us, we are responsible for taking care of our families. As Creative Female Entrepreneurs, we need instead to slow down and take care of ourselves. We need to be in touch with our creativity and hear the voice of our soul. So as to show up fully to ourselves and our communities, we must not lose sight of what is truly important to us.

One of the ways to take care of our needs is to be clear on what our needs are. We have many needs as human beings-the need for connection and contribution, the need to relax and have fun, to name just a few. Sometimes we think that survival needs are the most important ones, but if we want to thrive in our lives, relaxing and taking time for our lives is just as important as putting dinner on the table for our children.

We can meet some of our needs through our careers. For example, if contributing and making a difference is one of your important needs, then you can design your life work so that you meet that need. Taking time to find the work that will bring you joy and satisfaction is one way to take extreme care of yourself. Another way would be to carve out time for relaxation and fun.

Choose one thing that you like to do for fun and make a decision to do it this week. If you are saying, “But I don’t have enough time,” then really ask yourself what you can drop from your schedule so that you have enough time to do what will bring you joy. Is there some internal belief that may be holding you back? Do you believe that you deserve to give yourself just as much time, care, and attention as you give everyone else? If you do, then yes, pick up your day timer and slot in time for the activity that will bring you joy. Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear about your journey.