The Value of Creating a Community

I am a strong believer in the value of creating a community. When we feel isolated and disconnected to those around us, our problems seem to appear bigger than they actually are. But when we reach out and share our challenges and fears with others, it not only makes us feel normal, but also belonged and accepted.

Creating a community with like-minded people allows us to have a deeper level of self-acceptance for ourselves and others. Self-acceptance then leads to self-love.

When creating a community for yourself, it is important to look for people who share your values and beliefs. People who understand where you have been, what are your deepest fears as well as your dreams.

Usually these soulful community members have been through similar experiences as yourself, therefore, they can relate to your challenges. There is no judgment in the presence of these people.  You feel heard and accepted in their presence which allows you to shine your light brightly.

I create soulful communities for women business owners who want to express their brilliance and authenticity through their life work. We meet over the phone two times a month and share our dreams and desires. In these group calls, women come together to create the business of their dreams while being open and authentic about their fears and challenges.

I have a new topic for each class. Every topic is designed to help women dig deep into their soul which in turn brings personal and business growth. Not only women get a lot of support from these meetings, but they also build long lasting friendships and connections.

Last week, as we wrapped up my group coaching program, we celebrated the completion of the program by having a social get together at my house. Vanessa and Sherrie who were both a part of my group, and live locally were at the meeting.

Here is a photo of Vanessa and Sherrie with me at my house.


I would encourage you to create a community for  yourself so that you too can shine your light brightly. If you would like to be a part of our community, stay tuned for a group coaching program opening up soon.


I had a privilege of being Interviewed by Holisitic Health Luminary on Gratitude. I would love to share it with you. Please read below and Enjoy!


Holistic Health Luminary: How do you keep a Gratitude Journal?

Zahra Efan: Everyday at the end of the day, find five things that happened during the day you are grateful for and jot them down in a notebook or a journal. When you start to do that on a consistent basis, you will realize that you have a lot more than you initially thought you did. You will start to notice all kind of abundance in your life, abundance of time, friends, health, etc. You will become more conscious about noticing the good in your life everyday (because you know that you need to write it down in your notebook at the end of the day!).

HHL: Would you explain how the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity and Gratitude work together?

ZE: “Law of Attraction,” states that what we focus on in our life expands. By being grateful, we are focusing on the good that we already have in our lives. When we start to focus on the things we are grateful for, we attract more of what we are grateful for. Our focus shifts from lack to abundance. For example, even in today’s recession if we really look at our economy, and compare it to the countries where children do not have clean water to drink,
we have a lot to be grateful for.

When people say that the “Law of Attraction,” is not working in their lives, it is because the “Law of Polarity” is clearing away the old beliefs for the “Law of Attraction” to work. 

At first when we start to be grateful for what we have and our experiences in the past have been negative, we stir something inside our psyche. It is as if we are contradicting our deeply held beliefs about what is possible for our future. The subconscious mind starts to bring forth everything that contradicts our attitude of gratitude. It is as if we are being challenged by a Universal force that is asking us, “Are you sure you are ready for more?” For example, if we start to be grateful for the money we have and we lose our wallet instead of attracting more money, all it means is that subconscious mind is digging up the beliefs from the roots so that we can clear them.

HHL: How does your spirituality effect your work?

ZE: My work is deeply influenced by my spiritual beliefs in oneness of the Universe. One can practice any faith as long as the intention is to include instead of excludes others. A lot of people do charitable work because they believe that they are pleasing God. The desire may be inspired by religion, but as long as it is helping feed the hungry I think it is good. We don’t need to be in war with religions or different faiths. We need to be the peace we want to see in the world!

In my personal life, my husband is a very liberal Muslim and respects my desire for having spiritual practices such as meditation in my life. I have friends who are Christians and combine their Christians beliefs with the spiritual practices. It doesn’t matter how we come to the path of oneness whether through Islam or Christianity, at the end we find ourselves in each other. I have a children’s book that I read to my 7 year-old son to expand his understanding of God. It says in that book that ‘whenever God makes someone or something a part of God stays with what he has made.’ I think that’s beautiful!

HHL: If our readers follow your journaling suggestion, what sorts of changes can they expect to see in their lives?

ZE: They will start to notice the things that are working in their lives. They will have more peace, calm and acceptance for what they don’t have. By first accepting where they are and being grateful for it, they can then change what isn’t working. As long as we are in resistance of what we don’t have, we cannot change.

HHL: In your e-book, you discuss clearing things out including past painful experiences. Is this something everyone can do on their own or will people need life coaching or therapy to fully transform and release past and current pain?

ZE: I have had people tell me that they went through the exercises in the book and were able to find gifts in everything they experienced in the past. After finding the gifts, it is important to use the lessons learned from the past pain to help other people. A lot of times, I find our passion is where we have experienced the most pain. I encourage people to get the help of a skilled coach to claim the passion that has born out of the pain so that they can share their gifts with the world!

Interview with Zahra Efan by Molly Mitchell for Holistic Health Luminary (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

An Easiest Way to Support Women Globally

While sitting at my desk thinking about the many disadvantaged woman worldwide; women who have to overcome poverty, women who don’t have adequate healthcare for their children and so on, I felt saddened. I felt the need to help them and was discouraged to think that as one person there was little I could do.

While holding these thoughts I decided to search the internet. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a website that shared stories of the challenges and successes of the women all over the world. There was one story in particular that touched me. A woman in a third world country, who was not educated, was granted a loan to buy a cow so that she could sell the milk and create an income. She started selling milk and within a short period of time was able to buy another cow from the money she saved by selling the milk in the village. And another, until she had a small herd and was able to employ other woman to help her.

I was touched reading the story. And happy to know that given a small opportunity and belief, women can change their own destinies. I realized that we can help these woman in third world countries by shining our own light. By claiming our share from the world! By expressing our talents and sharing our unique gifts.

A woman feeling fearful of starting a business in a third world country can overcome her fear by tapping into the universal energies of strength and courage. We can help her tap into the energy of strength and courage by overcoming our own fears and vibrating at the higher frequency of love and faith rather than fear.

If, like myself, you also believe in the power of the one Universe, then you know that by overcoming your obstacles, claiming your value and charging what you are worth you support woman all over the world. All you need to do is increase your vibration and women all over the world will pick up on it.

  • Are you ready to claim your big self?
  • Are you ready to step into your dreams?

Remember God wouldn’t give you a desire without having a means to achieve it.

If you are ready to claim your big self, I would encourage you to check out my Platinum Program coming soon. I will be opening only two spots for very special entrepreneurs who have had enough playing small and are willing to claim their big dreams.

In this package, you will get to spend one V.I.P day with me in beautiful Vancouver working specifically on your business followed by consistent support for a full year!

I would encourage you to claim your big self like the woman who started with one cow and went on to own dozens. What a great entrepreneur! There are obstacles only in our minds. We already have what we need. We don’t need to hold ourselves back anymore because we are not educated enough, young enough, smart enough or whatever other stories of ‘not good enough’ we tell ourselves.

Stay tuned with more details on the Platinum Program spaces that will be available soon!