Abundance of Flexibility


One of the reasons entrepreneurs choose to become entrepreneurs is so that they can be flexible in their schedule as well as innovative and creative in how they offer their services. 

Being an Abundant business coach for women, I am always looking for different ideas on how businesses generate income and what can be flexible about the offerings they have. 

Today, I was at the Elizabeth Arden counter, shopping for some stuff. You might know that all the big make up stores offer free makeovers, if you purchase a certain amount of make up from them. I am not big on make-up and don’t like to have more than a couple of warm and cool colours in my collection. I don’t like to clutter my space, so I only buy what I use. 

I do, however, love skin care and Elizabeth Arden in particular has always agreed with my skin. Other than during the time when I was selling Mary Kay and loyally using their cosmetics, I have used Elizabeth Arden. 

I asked the girl at the make up counter if I could buy skin care products in exchange for her time for a makeover rather than make up. She happily agreed. Skin care is the more expensive purchase so it is actually a better deal for them and it’s better for me to buy what I use. It reminded me how we can be flexible in our service and product offers to our clients. 

On that note, I would encourage you to book a free makeover before you attend a holiday party, feel like a princess and Goddesses while stocking up on your favourite skin care line. Let me know how it goes.

Abundance of Money


Ah finally… we speak about money. As you know there are many kinds of abundance for us to enjoy and money is one of them. Money is a tool we use to exchange goods and services in business and life. Money is an energy that places a value on what we offer to each other! For many of us, money is a hot topic.  Some of us do great work and have a difficult time charging for it. 

I had a session with a client today who has had money struggles for many years.  We discussed what she is great at and how her work impacts the lives of others. I asked her to share an actual story of how she made a difference in the life of one of her clients in her current job. 

After she shared what she was able to do for the client, I asked her “If you were in a situation similar to your client and received help to get to the free of it, how much would you be willing to pay?”  She said, “Anything?”  So that she would hear herself acknowledge that the value she offered was priceless to her client I asked, “Anything?”   She said, “Yes.” 

Next I asked her if she was willing to pay anything to be free of the pain her client was in, why was she hiding and not helping and impacting the world at large.  The money problems in her life arose so that she could get motivated initially to meet her own needs.  When she allows, her services will meet the needs of many.

I would encourage you to look at what you have to offer and fully own what a difference your unique contribution can make.  Then be willing to charge for it so that others in the world can pick up on your abundant attitude and begin to charge what they are worth!

Abundance Treasure Hunt Winners

There were two winners chosen last week from those who shared their stories about attracting abundance in their lives.  The first winner, Deb Haupt provides a perfect example that business success doesn’t depend on the state of the economy. Deb had her best ever sales season in our current economy. Here is what Deb shared: 

I own a small business – we sell vintage and antique items and we are open 4 days a month.  I call it “Event Shopping” because every time you come it looks completely different and we have all new “old” inventory.  5 months ago we were able to buy our own building and we moved our business to a new location after renting for 6 years – It was a lot of work to create a new place for people to shop but we just had one of our best markets ever this past weekend.  This was our 5th market in our new location and we have had such a positive response from our customers.  I feel very grateful for their continued support, loyalty and enthusiasm for what we do~ Deb Haupt

deb photo


Deb’s gift with $500 value of products to download has been sent via email. Although there was no category for a runner up prize, I just couldn’t resist. The runner up prize goes to Tasleem Rijwani. Tasleem has shown great courage to welcome and embrace the abundance of who she is and what she is able to do. Tasleem will get her gift tomorrow. Thank you Deb and Tasleem for sharing your inspiring stories of Abundance with me.

Abundance of Confidence


Let’s tap into the abundance of confidence that is available to us right now. With enough confidence we can pursue our dreams. Remember that everyone has a different path and a different definition of confidence. How do you define confidence for yourself? 

Do you fit your own personal definition of confidence? I have never been the kind to walk into a social situation and be the queen of the party. Instead I tend to seek to connect with someone who seems to be feeling left out.  Being vulnerable and opening my heart to someone, rather than working a room, has been my way of expressing confidence. 

We often think that we don’t have enough confidence to pursue our dreams, particularly in the beginning. I have noticed that new entrepreneurs often compare themselves to those who have been in business for a long time. They tell themselves stories, such as I am not young enough, educated enough, connected enough etc. This talk robs them of inner confidence. They stop pursuing their dreams before they even begin. 

Outer accomplishments can serve as a confirmation that we are on the right track, but attaching our sense of confidence with our achievements doesn’t support us as we move through the process of learning and growth toward success. Confidence is an inner concept, a belief in one’s ability to overcome the challenges that present themselves when we go after our dreams. 

There are only so many activities we can master in one lifetime. We cannot be a doctor, a lawyer, an artist and a physicist.  We cannot all climb Mt. Everest or write a symphony or be in a play on Broadway.  Nor do we all want to do all of the above. Each of these are major accomplishments to be sure, but to feel totally confident one doesn’t need them.  We only need to get in touch with our individual soul path and passion and then take baby steps towards fulfilling our dreams. 

Pat yourself on the back along the way, know that confidence is a process and you will become confident along the way. 

I would encourage you to think of an activity that you undertook.  Remember how you felt at the beginning and compare that to your impressions after you had mastered the activity. Did you feel more confident? I am sure you did! Knowing that you will become confident in the process of learning is what defines confidence. 

I would encourage you to look to your inner Goddess and ask her what she needs from you to feel totally confident.

Abundance of Trust



How often are we unable to trust that we are enough or that we will have enough to meet our needs?  Consuming, purchasing, needing too much, due to the fear that we won’t have enough, is scarcity thinking.  I once read that in the West we buy too much food for our population from developing countries and store it for rainy days due to the fear that we may run out before the year ends.  At the end of the year, we dispose of the excess food.  A similar thing happens in many households on a smaller scale.  Our groceries are full of a wide variety of foods.  Often there are so many choices that we don’t know what to choose. 

Trusting that our needs will be provided for helps us appreciate and fully enjoy what we have.  Remember we cannot attract more until we appreciate what we already have. 

Avoid the temptation to purchase more or to hold onto a piece of information because of the fear that you might need it.  Trusting that you have enough helps to create a clutter free mind and closet!  You are able to choose from a selection of clothes that you fully enjoy wearing.  You get maximum value from things when you use them frequently.  You also appreciate and value your money when you make use of something you have made an investment in. 

I choose to trust that the process of life will provide me with experiences that will help me step into becoming who I need to become when I am ready for next level of success. I trust that the Universe will support me, supplying the guides, teachers and mentors when I need them. 

There is a great faith and sense of effortless in trusting the unfolding of life experiences. When we trust that who we need to be in this moment is enough, there is no sense of pushing or anxiety due to the fear of not being enough.  When we need to step up, life will provide with more of whatever we need. 

I would encourage you to embrace the concept of trusting life. Trusting the evolutionary process of your soul’s knowing that you are on a unique path and life is supporting you right now to embrace your purpose.

Abundance Of Compliments

Businesswoman smiling with her thumb up

When we are offered a generous compliment, it is important to allow ourselves to receive it. Everyone has a limited belief about him or herself.  Remember beliefs are only thoughts that we have repeated until they become true for us. Often our beliefs stem back to a remark someone made that we chose at the time to believe.  Over time it takes on more power and becomes a belief.  Receiving a compliment contrary to our belief system, helps us dissolve the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves. It takes vulnerability and courage to accept a generous compliment. 

During the Abundance Treasure Hunt I sent an email on the “Abundance of Beauty.”  I received a lovely email in return from Elfi.  

Thank you for all your sharing and I am looking at your photo and I am appreciating the abundance of beauty of YOU through living usefully and walking humbly under the Grace of God… THANK YOU! Elfi 

Elfi has been a subscriber and also a friend on Facebook for sometime now. Elfi has always been very generous with her compliments of my work and me. At first, it felt overwhelming to receive such a beautiful comment. I opened the email, read it and then closed it immediately. And then I opened it again, took a deep breath and let myself feel the impact of Elfi’s beautiful words. Thank you Elfi!  For you to notice goodness in someone else, you must have an abundance of it within your own being. 

I would encourage you to receive the compliments that people give you. When someone offers their generosity in recognizing you through their words, take a deep breath and let yourself believe it and feel how good it feels to receive. 

I keep a file of people’s great comments and testimonials and on a down day they help to remind me of the impact of my work and how it changes lives. 

Allow yourself to receive other people’s compliments and gift them with a warm ‘thank you,’ when they offer you a beautiful compliment so that they know that you have received it. Remember, giving and receiving are both acts of generosity. 

Please feel free to invite your friends to join us on this adventure. Here is a link your friends will need to sign up for this: http://www.zahraefan.com/abundancehunt.php    



Abundance of Emotions


The heart represents the emotions of love, connection and beauty.

I was at a networking meeting a couple of days ago. There was a speaker invited to the event who was teaching women how to do business like a man. Although, I agreed with some of his ideas such as taking action, charging for your work, etc. but some of the ideas didn’t resonate with me at all. 

For example, one suggestion he gave women was for women to give up their natural feminine qualities to succeed in business and adopt more masculine qualities.

In my business, I teach women how to use their natural feminine strengths such as intuition, passion and inspired action to succeed. When my clients begin working with me, we don’t even get to nitty gritty of their business until I clearly understand emotional reasons for creating a business. What would be different in the world if they shared their unique talents with the world? How would their work impact the world at large? 

Making profit is part of the business, but for women it isn’t the first motivator. Doing meaningful work and expressing themselves creatively in the world, along with claiming value for their work is what inspires women. Once we are connected with our passion, we are able to take inspired action (rather than many actions) to claim the value of our work in an effortless and authentic way.

In my experience, when women use their natural traits such as intuition, collaboration and passion they get results faster. Giving up our natural self, adapting to the masculine business world model in order to fit in with men, is an outdated approach.

One of the things the speaker said was that women are too emotional and that to succeed in business we need to put our emotions aside. I believe that we need to make our emotions work for us in business.  When women have a lot of energy invested in a negative emotion, I work with them to go deeper to release the energy that is causing the negative emotion or belief.  This allows them to move forward easily instead of forcing themselves to take action against the pull of a lot of undealt energy and emotion lingering in the background. Once energized with positive emotions and energy women do not need to work hard to create.   Just like nature has a perfect rhythm and the sun shines effortlessly, women too can create with the cycles of nature. 

I value emotions greatly. The Taj Mahal, after all, was built on emotion of love. The Titanic movie is all about emotion. I believe this planet was created because God wanted us to experience love and life. 

Feminine energy is powerful and valuable. For a very long time, we have been attempting to create from masculine energy alone in the Western world and that model is old now. When women are rested, in touch with beauty and happiness, they create from their being side which doesn’t require hard work. While I appreciate the strong masculine energy, it keeps the planet in balance, I know that women create authentic success when get in touch with their feminine essence and creatively express themselves in business by taking internally aligned and inspired actions. 

I would encourage you to honour your emotional well-being and the wealth of information made available through our emotional connection with the world around us.  Rather than seeing your emotions as a hindrance to success, determine how your passionate and creative emotions can lend inspiration and energy to your life.

Please feel free to invite your friends to join us on this adventure. Here is a link your friends will need to sign up for this: http://www.zahraefan.com/abundancehunt.php    

Abundance of Beauty

Please feel free to invite your friends to join us on this adventure. Here is a link your friends will need to sign up for this: http://www.zahraefan.com/abundancehunt.php                                                                                          beauty

Beauty is all around us. I would encourage you to take time to notice abundance of beauty in your enviornment. Beauty nurtures our soul and helps us to connect with the divine. I often look for opportunities and make time to notice beauty around me. 

Although I usually throw flyers away that come through the door, but if there is something inviting and beautiful, I keep it to look through it. I received a flyer from the home décor store Pier One Imports the other day and as I browsed through it, I couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful rich red, beaded mirror work cushions and table clothes, lamps with most creative shimmering light pouring through them placed on beautiful antique looking tables and other exotic little artistic pieces. I loved looking at them. When I look at beautiful object, I appreciate the creation, beauty and art.  I do not buy them unless I need them. We do not need to own every piece of art.  We just need to open our senses to notice and appreciate them. 

Looking at beautiful things sparks my creative flow and ignites my artistic senses.  I received a flyer yesterday from Swarovski that said A sparkling Dream. I loved the title. I also loved the beautiful jewellary displayed on the page with simplicity and a lot of space, only a few selected shimmering white pieces of jewellary advertised. I looked through it sitting in my living room enjoying a hot steaming cup of tea while looking at my garden. Leaves are fallen and new fall flower buds are sprouting. I saw an apple in the middle of a barren tree. The rich red apple displayed against the tree with almost no leaves and the bark invited my gaze to linger.

 I love going through beautiful arts shops to appreciate and to inspire my senses. To notice beauty around us, we need to become acutely sensitive.  This way we can appreciate and enjoy it. The energy of ease, trust and slowing down to cherish the moment helps appreciate the beauty. 

Today I found another flyer.  This one instructed me to invest in a table to feel like you live in Hollywood.  That didn’t sit right with me. I don’t need to spend like Hollywood or feel like Hollywood. I can appreciate and connect with the beauty all around me right now just by being open to it.

How and where can you notice the Abundance of Beauty in your own life? Take some time, a moment to be in your body, slow down and ignite you senses, enjoy the sensitivity and creativity all around you.

First Day of Abundance Treasure Hunt: Abundance of Connections

abundance key

Here is the first day of Abundance Treasure Hunt. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please feel free to invite your friends to join us on this adventure. Here is a link your friends will need to sign up for this: http://www.zahraefan.com/abundancehunt.php                                       

Abundance Of Connections

My renewed journey toward recognizing abundance began the day I sent the first blitz announcing that I intend to notice and create abundant experiences in my life. I deliberately started carving time for such experiences so that I could share them with you, my beautiful readers. 

My son was off of school for a few days and I didn’t have coaching calls booked, so I decided to connect with my girlfriends during my free time. I am grateful for the richness of the time we spend together. It makes me feel expansive and refreshed to connect with these beautiful women, each with different gifts to offer. 

During the last few days, I went to a movie called, “Couples Retreat,” with my friend Cheryl and we laughed like small children.  Of course, it helped that we chose a comedy. Cheryl is the ultimate fun queen.

sheral 005

In this photo, my friend Cheryl and I are getting ready before we head out for a movie. How fun!

To nurture my deeper being and share my soul with one who is willing to show her own, I went to see my friend Erin.  She was part of a mastermind group I facilitated a year ago. What can I say? I cannot help but feel immensely grateful for the openness and trust that allowed us both to feel safe and vulnerable with one another. The drive to Erin’s place is about two hours from where I live and visually attractive and scenic. I felt grateful for the nature we have here in Vancouver and suburbs. Lush green fields and winding roads, misty weather and clouds; it’s all very enchanting and romantic. My husband was driving when I said, “It would be nice to come here alone for a honeymoon.” My eight year old in the back interjected, “What about me?” I laughed feeling easy and content. 

I have an abundance of connections with girlfriends in my personal time and I also get to do business with beautiful women. I visited my favorite salon where they do bleach free hair colour and enjoyed connecting with Chloe, who is also my client. Chloe’s passion is to create a beautiful environment that inspires women to honour their inner beauty.  Her idea of beauty does not come from a narcissistic media point of view but from the depth of a woman’s inner character. Creating a pleasant work environment for her staff is also important to her. We are set to help her franchise her concept so that she can serve women at large. Going to Chloe’s salon is not like going to another salon, it is an experience. Her walls are full of the portraits and the place is decorated with exclusive furnishing specially designed by the most talented artists.  The environment is visually inviting to those who enters the salon. Rich aromatherapy scents ignites your senses and there is no smell of bleach or other common hair products in Chloe’s salon. 

I am grateful for my assistant, Donna, who is diligent.  Donna never forgets anything. I can confidently delegate work to her and go out for the day, check it on my blackberry knowing that newsletters will be sent and that Donna will do a great job. 

My friend Jamie is also my editor.  She is kind and compassionate. We don’t only talk about work, but what is going on with us personally as well.  This keeps things more real and makes it feel less like work. 

How rich life can be when we are surrounded by feminine energy and create opportunities for one another to serve and connect at the same time!

I would encourage you to notice the abundance of connections in your life. If you don’t have them, set the intention of creating such connections in your life. 

Looking back, I have been in environments where I didn’t feel accepted by other women. Because my soul craved that connection, I made an effort to cultivate relationships with women who would enrich my soul. I feel very abundant in the support and love of women in my life and wish the same for you. 

To get started write down the qualities you would like to attract in a girlfriend or girlfriends. You can have different girlfriends for different needs. Remember, you give as much as you receive when you set an intention to attract someone into your life, who can help you meet your needs.

 Ask yourself:

*Would you like someone fun, deep, funny or vulnerable?

*Who in your life has those qualities?

*When will you connect with them? 

Make an effort to reach out to someone so that you can start to ignite the energy of abundance in your life today! Create a beautiful intention card that will put the vibration in motion and help you form such connections. 

When I set my intention, this is what I wrote:

I want to create an environment where I can be totally myself. I can say what I feel and think. I want to be with women who inspire and support each other’s dream.  These women are positive, secure and encouraging!

 It’s magical when we fully understand what we can manifest.

 I end with giving thanks for the abundance of connection in my life while continuing to create new connections as I grow and expand into my full being!

Abundance Treasure Hunt

Are you tired of listening to the news about the economy? I am! That’s why I have decided to do something about it. The American Thanksgiving is upon us and having celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month, this season of harvest is the perfect time for noticing and celebrating the abundance around us. I have decided that for the next 30 days I am going to focus on what is good in my life. I will become laser focused to deliberately notice the abundance around me. I would be thrilled to have you be part of my journey.

Beginning on November 16th and running daily until December 15th (excluding weekends,) you will receive an email from me on the topic of Abundance. There is much to be grateful for with abundance of all kind in our lives when we take the time to notice. Abundance is present in our lives daily. An Abundance of love, wealth, time and opportunity and we can learn to recognize it.

In these emails, I will share my thoughts on Abundance with you. I would encourage you to join me on this journey and share your experiences of abundance with me. Every week, we will select a winner from the stories submitted and I will gift the winner with a special booklet entitled 70 tips shared by 14 leading Entrepreneur Experts, with free gifts valued at more than $500 to download from the e-booklet.

Join me in my Abundance Treasure Hunt by visiting http://www.zahraefan.com/abundancehunt.php
and prepare to be engaged in Abundance every day for next 30 days.