Create Environments For Success

One of the fastest ways to reach your dreams is to change your environment. What are environments? There are many different kind of environments. Physical environment would constitute clearing your physical space. Cluttered space creates clutter thinking.

Spiritual Environment is how you feed your soul. Some people do it in nature, surrounding themselves with beauty and others do it through meditation and slowing down to listen to the whisper of their souls.

Environments are also the people we spend time with. We look at what we are working on in our lives and then surround ourselves with others who are creating the environments to reach similar goals and intentions. We then have them support us and we support them in order to create harmony and success for both involved.

A couple of examples … If better health is one of your goals, it would make sense to surround yourself with people who value health. Or, if growth and prosperity in your business is your focus, it would be smart to surround yourself with winners—people who are moving forward, inspiring each other and making a difference.

But before you make a decision to change your environment, you need to take certain steps to attract that new environment.

The first step is internal research. Ask yourself, What do I need? What kinds of changes do I need to make in my life?

Let’s assume again that one of your goals is to make more money in your business while at the same time making a difference. In that case, look for an environment that can support you in achieving that dream.

The second step is to develop those qualities in yourself that will attract, effortlessly, the environment you are looking for.

For example, to create an environment where you can ask for support, you must be willing to be vulnerable so that others can support you.

Ask yourself, If I put myself in that environment, am I ready to receive support? So many times I have noticed a pattern in women who come to my coaching practice and experience being vulnerable in a safe environment. They are able to take that energy and acceptance and begin creating those same authentic and honest relationships in their other world.

The third step, once you have created the inner qualities that allow you to attract and be in that environment, is to be willing to take a risk.

Yes, making new decisions, meeting new people, stepping up big in your life, are risky! They all require stepping out of your comfort zone. But if your desire is strong enough, you will do what it takes to leap forward toward your big life. When the pain of remaining small becomes too much, you will have no choice. The leap you take doesn’t have to be big and scary. It can be small, such as investing in a mastermind group or entering into a relationship with a coach who can support you in creating environments for success. And you don’t have to do any of it alone. With a support system in place, you can create new environments easily.

Keep this in mind: you are the average of five people you hang out with. Look at those people. Are they in the place you want to be? Or should you be looking for a new environment outside your current circle?

Serving Women By Profiting From Abundance

Recently, while watching TV, I saw commercial that said if you want to transform the planet, educate a girl. She will build communities, forgive others and help heal the planet. The ad really touched me and I began to consider how we, creative female entrepreneurs living in the West, could help girls and women globally. How can we do that? Where do we start?

We start with ourselves. We make a decision to make a profit on our passions and talents so that other women globally can pick up on our energy and make a profit from their own passions and talents.

Holistic, creative female entrepreneurs start their businesses so that they can serve the world. In truth we cannot serve others if we are running on empty ourselves. I would encourage you to make a decision to make 2011 your most profitable year so that you can take on bigger projects to help the world.

Here are few steps you can take to make this year your most profitable year.

Make A Decision

Make a decision on how much revenue you want to generate. Really, claim a big vision coming from an abundant place.

Positioning Plus Purpose Creates Results

Its great that you have made a decision to generate the revenue you want. Making a decision is not enough. You also need to create a plan for your efforts to work. You need to position yourself so that your clients and the people you want to serve know where you are, what you do and your purpose. I meet so many female entrepreneurs who have a lot to offer to the world and who are not getting the results they deserve in their businesses. When I sit with them, we begin by looking at their purpose, whether it is born out of pain or passion to serve the world. Whatever it is, their purpose along with right positioning to reach their clients helps them move forward.

What Needs To Happen?

Once you connect with your purpose internally and see how what you have to offer benefits the whole world, then you can look at what external actions do you need to take to make your purpose shine the world!

  • Do you need to show up big?
  • Do you need to increase your fees so that your cup is full allowing you to show up for others?
  • Do you need to partner with someone?
  • Do you need more visibility?
  • Do you need the help of coach or a consultant to help you come up with creative ideas to reach your intention?

Remember whatever you desire, it is already there in the Universe. You simply need to tap into it and claim it. No desire is ever given without a means to achieve it.

Get honest with yourself about what you need and then be willing to stretch and take the step that will allow you to show up big.

How to Create Abundance of Income in Your Heart Centered Business in 2011


In order to love what we do on a consistent basis in our heart centered business, we need to generate profit to help us move forward excitedly in our business. Making profit will not only help us share our message abundantly with the world, it will also help us claim the true value of our work. Here are 5 tips that have helped my client’s generate income and create huge success in their businesses.

1) You Are Your Number One Resource:
In order for you to share your brilliant message with the world, you need to take care of the most important resource in your business which is YOU! Taking care of you means making your needs a priority. It also means having boundaries on your time and precious energy. Serving the clients you love to work with as well as being with people who support your success is another way to take care of your number one resource, YOU.

2) Invest in Yourself
You also need to continue to grow as a person so in turn this will generate more profit. By investing in your personal growth, you invest in your number one resource to better serve your clients. Some of the ways to invest in yourself would include working with a business mentor or coach.

3) Delegate
To make big money, you cannot do it alone. You need to delegate tasks that are not the best use of your time and focus on direct money making activities. Your time needs to be spent on big goals, big projects and the technical and administration tasks need to be delegated.

4) Create Systems
You need to create systems to take advantage of technology so that you are not continuously working manually. You need to create systems for every aspect of your business so that you are not spending your valuable time doing one task over and over!

5) Taking Soul Whispered Internally Inspired Actions
Taking consistent, but right actions everyday is the key to generating huge profits. If you take one big action once a week and then don’t take any profit generating actions the rest of the week, you will lose momentum and not see the big results that come from taking small, but wise and internally inspired, soul whispered, action steps.