What is Your “Money Story”?

If you are in a heart-centered business, and love what you do, yet you are not creating the income you would like, this can be frustrating. I am here to tell you that lack of income in your business is related to your “money story”.

Being unaware of your “money story” can subconsciously affect your ability to produce the income of your choice. You may be taking all the right actions and following appropriate marketing advice, but if you are not aware of your “money story”, you are pushing income away without realizing it.

It is important to become aware of your “money story” so that you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work, one of which is ever increasing income.  Permitting financial abundance into your life also allows you to claim the value of your work.

Here is how you can become aware of your “money story”:

  • Make a list of all the “money experiences” you have had in the past, the positive and negative.
  • Make a list of people with whom you had those experiences.
  • Acknowledge the positive money experiences and celebrate.
  • Connect with “money experiences” that really stand out for you as the most painful. 
  • Of the people with whom you had negative “money experiences”, choose one person who was the most important, and notice if the negative experience affected you greatly because of the importance of that relationship in your life.  
  • Notice how that experience has shaped how you deal with money today.

Here is how to heal one of the most significant negative “money experiences”:

Take some time to invite, into this process, the person on your list who was really important to you and let you down financially.   Ask them what it is that you wanted from them. Tell them that you forgive them for not giving you what you wanted, and then release them from your system by saying a prayer:

“God, I release this person knowing that they did the best they could.  Now I connect with the Universal Abundance that is my birthright today to ask you, the source, to give me what I need and deserve. I no longer allow my ability to receive wealth to be limited by the experience I had with this person. I no longer punish myself financially or attach my self-worth to thoughts of what this individual did or did not give me. Amen.”

Taking the time for this exercise may initially stir up a range of memories and emotions.  Yet going through the process will allow you to release any of the negative “money experiences” and negative associations to money that you may not have even known you were holding on to.  Consequently, your new awareness, and the new space you create, will allow you the room to attract more positive “money experiences” in your life.  This, in turn, will result in your being more able to love yourself and to give yourself the lifestyle you deserve.

How Do You Let Your Money Energy ‘Leak’?

For heart-centered female entrepreneurs, our ability to make money, and how much we think we deserve to earn, is connected to our heart when we are in the business of changing lives. In fact, love and money issues are strongly connected for female heart-centered entrepreneurs (I will be covering this further in my private 4 hour personal retreat program Abundant Money Retreat opening up in April.

To create abundance of income in your heart-centered business, you must pay attention to your ‘money energy leaks’.

Here are a few common ways you may let your money energy ‘leak’:

1)  You give away your precious time and energy because you are afraid of saying ‘no.’ This occurs in business when you offer too much of your time for a very low price. Giving away your time for less than is deserved not only diminishes your own value, but it also diminishes that of your clients.  Consequently, no one is then able to claim the true limitless abundance that is available.

2)  You don’t set clear boundaries. When others don’t respect your boundaries, and you don’t take a stand for yourself, you let your money energy ‘leak’.  And this, in turn, makes you feel less valued and less respected.  This can lead you to be scared of shining larger; so instead, you settle for staying safe and small.

3)  Negative self-chatter is another way you zap yourself out of your precious time and energy. If someone doesn’t buy your product or services, you take rejection personally and beat yourself up over it, in your head, and your heart.  This prevents you from moving forward. Instead of patting yourself on the back for your accomplishments and getting help where you need to, you assume the rejection is a reflection of you as a person. This is not so. And it is important to recognize this.

You are in the business of changing lives and you need to pay attention to how you let your money energy ‘leak’.  When you devalue yourself, you keep yourself trapped and stifled. But when you are aware of how to avoid ‘money energy leaks’, and take the time to pursue your talents, you are free to achieve endless outcomes such as:

  • Writing your book
  • Launching a new product or program
  • Traveling
  • Making abundance of income 

Here are a few ways you can start to take care of your money energy ‘leaks’ right away:

1)   Write down how you would like to spend your time. What are the things you absolutely love to do in your business?  Who are the clients you love to work with?  Give away anything you don’t love to do, and let go of clients you don’t enjoy working with to make room for the new.

2)   Make a decision on what kind of lifestyle you would you like to enjoy. How much money do you need to create the lifestyle that honours who you are?  Don’t compromise your time. Charge what your time is worth to create the life you want.

3)   Make a list of all the results you have gotten from working with your previous clients. Carry that list with you, and whenever you need to get in touch with your value, refer back to that list.