Let the Client’s Love Inspire You

When you are in business doing what you love, it is natural to fall in love with your clients and their projects. When they put their projects out into the world and make a difference, you cannot help but feel proud of them. Their projects remind you of your contribution, the difference you are making and the important work you are doing in the world.

By the time they hire you they are ready for change. You don’t get attached to their success or rescue them into achieving. You believe in their ability and personal power to make a change in their lives. You hold the vision, believe in them, support them with your insights while they create their own ‘ah… ha!’ moments. You work in synchronicity and miracles unfold.

When they are excited about their work, about your relationship with them, they become a very important part of your life and that’s when falling in love with a client happens.

I would encourage you to let the love of your work and your clients inspire you to take action. You don’t know whose life you may touch, and how many others lives your clients will touch after having experienced your work, your magic.

Keep the flow of giving and receiving going in the world of exchanging goods and services. Money is an energy that defines the value and commitment of the contract we get into when we serve our clients. Keep abundance in mind when making a difference and you will find an abundance of ways to help others, through your newsletters or products and packages.

Ask yourself: Who do you need to serve? What is holding you back? Do you need to partner with someone to support you? I would encourage you to express your God given glory so that you too can make a difference in someone’s life. Receive love for yourself in return for your work and give it back too!


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