Stepping Big Starts Internally

You want to step up big in your business. You see your potential, but the inner voices get a hold of you and you start to see all the obstacles in your way. I strongly believe in clearing the energy internally to pave a way for more abundance to enter your life. Here are 3 steps that you can take to tame those inner voices so that you can step up to claim the income you would like to make.

Welcome All The Inner Voices

Instead of changing the inner voices to positive ones right away, first, welcome all the negative ones with their full capacity. Stay with them. Let them move through your body. Accept your emotions, even if they are of grief or sadness. Whichever emotions come up, let them be there. Once you can be with your limiting voices, you won’t be allowing them to grow stronger. Instead, they will lose their power over you. You will be able to see them for what they are- an illusion based on somebody else’s reality of life, somebody from your childhood.

Face Your Vulnerability

Once you face your vulnerability, the illusion of limiting inner voices- all of the reasons these voices give you for why you cannot shine big- will disappear. You can now plant new seeds. This includes looking at your goals, looking at the possibilities that are available to you, and seeing your potential for shining big. In this way, you can create a fertile ground for the new possibilities to enter.

Making Space for The New

By welcoming inner voices, you are also releasing them from your consciousness. You are now ready to fill the holes with new realities and possibilities. Now it is time to pick up your new goals and create a plan for achieving them.



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Money Energy Leaks

Last week, I taught a workshop on healing one’s relationship with money at a group called the 10 Hour Work Week. This group is based on Tim Ferriss’ book The 4 Hour Work Week. What an amazing group of people that attended. Below is some information from a handout we worked through during the workshop.

To create abundance of income in your heart-centered business, you must pay attention to your ‘money energy leaks’. Look at the following descriptions below to find out what your ‘money energy leak’ is. What is the underlying belief that drives the leak, and what do you need to do to heal that leak so that you too can make the income you deserve?

Which one of the following may be true for you?

1) Time Energy Boundaries: Giving too much time You give away your precious time and energy because you are afraid of saying ‘no.’

Belief accompanied is: I am not providing enough value so I should give more time. The issue: Lack of Value. You are not in touch with the benefits of your work.

Solution: Create packages; sell benefits instead of charging dollar per hour.

Write down how you would like to spend your time. What are the things you absolutely love to do in your business? Who are the clients you love to work with? Give away anything you don’t love to do, and let go of clients you don’t enjoy working with to make room for the new.

2) Money Energy Boundaries: Charging too little

Belief accompanied by it: That there is not enough to go around. People don’t have enough so you try to rescue the world before filling up your own tank. Issue: Coming from lack instead of abundance. Not seeing others as resourceful, capable to pay you.

Solution: Make a decision on what kind of lifestyle you would you like to enjoy. How much money do you need to create the lifestyle that honors who you are? Don’t compromise your time. Charge what your time is worth to create the life you want.

Get in touch with your needs; how much you need to make in what amount of time.

3) Self-Love Energy Boundaries: Negative self-chatter is another way you zap yourself out of your precious time and energy. If someone doesn’t buy your product or services, you take rejection personally and beat yourself up over it, in your head, and your heart. This stops you from moving forward.

Belief accompanied by it: Lack of self-love, lack of self-worth.

Solution: Make a list of all the results you have gotten and accomplishments you had made from working with your previous clients or at your current career. Carry that list with you, and whenever you need to get in touch with your value, refer back to that list.

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself.  Reward yourself, not only for results, but for effort made.



If you haven’t already, get the *FREE* copy of the ‘Abundance in Business,’ e-book by visiting here.