Do You Tell The Truth

authenticityIn the last newsletter, I shared about my need to slow down and rest. I had also shared on social media that I was resting during the month of January and planned on returning to work when my natural rhythms return. However, my authentic sharing got me into a little trouble.

I was scheduled to speak at Vancouver’s Top Entrepreneurs Event on January the 25th. Another well-known coach contacted the event organizer and told them that I was struggling and needed to slow down so if they needed to replace a speaker, she would be happy to replace me, and would also help promote the event.

When the organizer (who is also a dear friend) asked me about the situation and about my authentic sharing on social media, I respectfully told them that if the promotion was needed for the event, it was okay with me if they went with the other speaker. I explained that my sharing was just being open about my challenges along with my successes and I was excited to speak.

The organizer being a professional as they are, honoured me and explained that being a professional and the event organizer, they needed to check in with their speakers and I completely understood. The event was house full and we rocked it.

What I would like to ask you my dear ones, do you prefer an expert who only shares the successes or the one who also shares the challenges of being in business and how to manage your energy around those challenges.

Being a feminine coach for women, I am a strong advocate of being vulnerable. To me, being vulnerable also means being strong. A flower blossoms with support and dies without enough water, air and sunshine. Feminine energy is very much like that. It flourishes with support and withers without support.

A coach for women who likes to operate from her feminine energy(feminine energy is open, receiving sharing) I believe in sharing the challenges and being vulnerable about my growth, and that was my intention in sharing the truth of where I was with you in my last newsletter as well as on the social media.

Dear ones, would you post a comment on my blog and let me know if you prefer authentic sharing in business or do you get inspired from hearing the success stories only. I would love to know!