Don’t waste time, make money doing the right things

I hope you are having a great August and have enjoyed the summer so far. I had a really great summer. With attending one week-long traditional wedding. Yes, traditional weddings are looooong.

Here is a photograph of mine from the wedding with a friend, all dressed up.

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I want to share with you how I plan my summer ahead so that I can have a lot of free time to enjoy, play, and have fun while spending quality time with my children. I plan my summer throughout the year by putting funds aside so that I can take most of the summer off. I also delegate a lot of my work and focus only on coaching my high end platinum clients, an actual high income generating activity for me.

I also have products and other homework I am able to give to my clients during summer months so that they are busy developing the new set of skills in their business while I enjoy my summer with my kids. We are all happy about it. There is always a way to work your business around your life priorities so that you can enjoy abundance of time and money to do what is important.

Here are a few tips on creating an abundant lifestyle while doing what you love and sharing your gifts and talents through your life work. These tips will also help you ease into the busy fall season by taking control of your time and energy by focusing on the right things.

Say ‘Yes’ To What’s Coming by saying ‘No,’ first

Two things women entrepreneurs struggle with is prioritizing their time and focusing on income producing activities. To make the most of your time, it is important to channel your energy in a way that naturally allows you to say ‘yes’ to what is important in your business. If you don’t consciously become aware of your time, then outside distractions will bog down your energy. It becomes difficult to say ‘no’ to what you don’t want, and ‘yes’ to what you do want.

Take Control of Your Day

If you don’t have an assistant to respond to your emails, then don’t turn on your computer first thing in the morning. Plan a 30 minute mini retreat where you can determine your most important projects for the day. Do this outside of your office. That way you can come to your office knowing the most important tasks (that hold the most energy for you). This makes it easier to resist the pull of emails and outside demands. Your mini retreat allows you to create laser focused priorities so that you can easily say ‘no’ to what you don’t want, and ‘yes’ to what you do want. 

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

It can be very tempting to subscribe to the free emails coming from the successful people in your industry, and then get carried away reading them. Unless you need their specific advice based on where you are in your business, unsubscribe. Check in with yourself intuitively by going inwards to see who you need to follow, and then surrender to getting the full benefit of their knowledge. Do not waste your time with ‘shiny objects’. Instead focus on the income generating activities for your particular business and the stage you are in your business. Your time will be productive and you will find ease in everything you do if you are not focused outwards.

Focus On Joy

Do the activities that bring you joy and delegate the ones you don’t like to your team. Having free time will allow you to tap into your creativity. If you are at the beginning stages of your business, and feel that you cannot afford to hire help, start small with just a few hours a month and build your way up. The most important thing is to get used to the experience of receiving help and letting go.

Remember, success is not about adding on, it is about letting go of what you don’t want so that you can say ‘yes’ to what you do want.

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085Zahra Efan – Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra Efan supports holistic female business owners’ breakthrough six figures in their businesses. After having experienced a lot of success in her business including a TV interview, writing for many well known magazines and being interviewed by well known names, Zahra went through a period of burn out and overwhelm. She decided to completely unplug from her business and took time to listen to her life and her business. As difficult as it was, she said no to many opportunities during that time. As a result, after taking two months off, she returned to work and with just one interview that her soul said “yes” to. She made 10k within two days, and since then she continues to increase her income every month. Zahra teaches holistic business owners how to say “yes” to selective opportunities so that they can breakthrough the next income level without working really hard.

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Money Cannot Come To An Angry Heart

Money, Abundance, Business,

Money, Abundance, Business,

When we are in a heart centered business we need to generate income sharing our heart gifts. However if our heart is bleeding and there is hurt around money experiences, it is very difficult to make a good income doing what we love.

20 years ago, after finally divorcing my ex-husband who was physically abusive, I migrated to Canada leaving my family behind in England, with no money and my family closed all the doors on me as divorce wasn’t acceptable in our family system.

I wasn’t raised in a poor family. My family had lots of money, but they were not willing to share it with me if I didn’t follow their rules.

After my relationship with my family didn’t work, I decided I didn’t like rich people. I was certain that people with money had no values and didn’t care for each other. I was also sure money was a trap rich people used to get people to do what they wanted. After all, that was my experience with my family. Their love was very conditional. All of these thoughts and decisions were not conscious, they were hidden deep down in my subconscious.

When I found myself in a situation where I was making less money than my expenses, being in a long distance relationship, and not being clear on my career path, I hit rock bottom.

It forced me to look inwards and change my beliefs around rich people and money. Since my relationship wounds happened in relationship with other people, I had to heal my relationship with other people in relation to money.

I totally believe we don’t create money issues alone, nor can we heal them in isolation. Anger wastes a lot of energy. It keeps us in conflict and in judgement of the very thing we want. Resolving our anger in relationship with money is the key to be completely free of money issues.

To grow in business, we need to colloborate with others, and our money issues will show up if they are not healed. They can show up in asking for money from our clients, charging for our value as well as trusting to pay others for the services we receive from them. (We do need to hire people in order to have more time to work at what we are good at and expand our horizon.) Broken trust shows up everywhere until it is healed, transformed and dealt with, in business and in life.

After doing my own money work and seeing my life and business flourish beyond my imagination, or I should say aligned with my imagination :), I see my clients receive miraculous results after they do inner money work.

We need money to be totally free and have more choices in life. We really cannot express our love for humanity unless we have our own money issues resolved. I work with a lot of healers and when they first come to work with me, I see that the same wounds that caused them to become a healer also stop them from charging their worth. I understand their intention, I acknowledge they want to help. I also see the gift of sensitivity they have because of their wounds, only after they start to charge fairly for their life work, their true light returns. They see their value and the ripple effect of asking for their value and getting what they are worth creates a shift that is lasting and is truly gratifying and an abundant experience for me to witness.

Remember, we cannot give to others what we don’t have. If we want to give charity or make a difference for people around the world, writing a cheque helps. There are other means of giving too like giving of our time. However, even if we cannot physically go to Africa, we can still contribute by donating money.

I would invite you to take a look at your life where you had hurtful money experiences and how they are affecting your ability to manifest abundance today.



Zahra Efan is an Abundant Business Coach, Best Selling Author, a Key Note speaker and a Trainer. Most importantly, she is a mother of two children and a wife, also a social activist at heart who wears many hats along with working with her fabulous clients.

She specializes in supporting creative female entrepreneurs to create financially successful businesses and soul satisfying abundant lifestyles. She combines her background in marketing and sales with her intuition to guide her clients toward successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

Zahra has been published in media extensively and has 30+ media interview including appearing on TV and Radio speaking about principles of abundance in business and life. One of her recent key note speech was at Vancouver’s Top Entrepreneurs event. She has also been published along side Debbie Ford in Aspire Magazine along with many other publications including best-selling book ‘Manifesting In High Heels.’

Zahra’s clients are located all over the world including Canada, Australia, and the United States. Zahra works with selected number of private clients, teaches group programs and gives workshop and key note speeches to large audiences. Her passion is to support female entrepreneurs creating a successful business with ease, joy and abundance.

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Create an Abundant Business Through the Power of Gratitude

As Holistic Business Owners, we often have our own healing journey that sets us on a path to help others. However, until we find the gifts in our own story, and feel grateful for our own challenges, it is difficult to help others overcome their challenges.

Watch this video to learn how you can use the power of gratitude to help you transform your pain and create an abundant business and life!

Stepping Big In Your Own Life Is the Best Way to Help Others

I feel such gratitude as I look at my life and how it has changed over the years. Recognizing all that I have, I often want to help other women who don’t have as many resources.

One day, when I was sitting at my computer thinking about how I could possibly make a bigger impact, I came across a story of a woman who was given a micro loan from a woman in the west. The woman being helped didn’t have a formal education, but she bought a cow, and started selling milk in the village to earn a living. With her perseverance and commitment to succeed, she was not only able to pay back the loan she was given, but she also saved money to buy another cow. And pretty soon, she had a herd.

I was touched reading the story. And happy to know that given a small opportunity and belief, women can change their own destinies. I realized that we can help these women by shining our own light. By claiming our share from the world! By expressing our talents and sharing our unique gifts. The only way to help another woman is to step up and live your dreams.

When we live our dreams, we not only give ourselves a chance to grow and succeed, but we also become leaders, role models and an example for others to step up. In living our dreams, we give others permission to live out theirs. I felt at peace knowing all I need to do is believe in these women’s abilities to be resourceful, and I need to support them by being a role model in manifesting my own dreams.

What confirmed my belief even further was when I learnt about the Hundredth Monkey Effect, a testament to the energetic impact we have on each other. As part of the research of this phenomenon, it was found that when a certain number of monkeys (supposedly a hundred) in Japan were performing a new act, this learned behavior instantly spread across to monkeys in other areas.

The monkeys picked up on a vibration that was so far away in distance from them, but was powerful enough that they were still able to imitate the behavior from the first group of monkeys. The two groups were not in physical contact with each other and could not see each other, yet they had an impact on one another.

What this means in terms of the ‘law of attraction’ is that by changing our vibration, we energetically affect others on the planet. We can collectively make a huge difference by living our brilliance and shining our light. And this, in turn, has an influence on others.

A woman feeling fearful of starting a business in a third world country can overcome her fear by tapping into the universal energies of strength and courage. We can help her tap into the energy of strength and courage by overcoming our own fears and vibrating at the higher frequency of love and faith rather than fear.

I would encourage you to pick up a dream you are afraid to believe in and think again. If you can go after it, work to realize it, you are impacting not only the course of your life but also those of others as well.

If, like myself, you also believe in the power of the one Universe, then you know that by overcoming your obstacles, claiming your value and charging what you are worth you support woman all over the world. All you need to do is increase your vibration, live your dreams and women all over the world will pick up on it.

  • Are you ready to claim your big self?
  • Are you ready to step into your dreams?

Remember God wouldn’t give you a desire without having a means to achieve it.


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What Does Your Love Life Have to Do With Making More Money?

Did you know that money and love issues are connected for women? Being unaware of our money issues can keep abundance away from us. We, as women, are heart-centered, and if our heart isn’t happy, it is not only difficult to make money, but it is even harder to hang on to the money we make.

For our hearts to be happy, and in order to feel love for who we are and what we do, we need to start with ourselves; self-love, that is. We need to pay attention to when we first learnt what love is in the family we grew up in, and how this and the family’s issues can unconsciously affect our ability to receive wealth.

Here are a few tips on paying attention to the issues of money in the family:

Think about…

Who Was The Breadwinner In The Family?

What role did they play in your life? How did the women in the family feel about receiving wealth? How did the men feel about sharing wealth? Whose role did you admire?

When Did You Make The Decision To Be Financially Independent?

When did you decide to become a career woman? Was it a happy choice or was it made because someone decided not to support you? -an ex-husband, father, etc. What impact did it have on you?

How Were The Resources Distributed In The Family?

If the resources distributed in the family were not distributed fairly amongst siblings or other members of the family, it can affect the one who did not receive as much, as well as the one who ‘over received’. The ‘under receiver’ can often continue to be loyal to the family by still playing low- making less, or having a lower self esteem.  And the over achiever can create more- more money or show more confidence- at the expense of the under receiver, and then feeling guilty about this.

Although we cannot change our family, we can become aware of the role we played in our family when it came to the distribution of resources, including love and money, and change it now. Gender issues in the family can also affect the ability to receive and give money.

Pay attention to some of the above issues in your individual family. There will be more coming in future workshops in the summer about your family’s place in the larger economic world.  In the meantime, I would encourage you to consider the following questions before the workshops:

Have you now dealt with how you make and deal with money without being affected by past family issues?

Do you allow yourself to use the money you make for fun experiences, or do you feel burdened with a sense of overwhelming responsibility with your finances?


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Are You Running Away Or Going Towards?

Often, when we make decisions unconsciously, they either come from a place of fear or faith. It is necessary, sometimes, to step back from your responsibilities and evaluate why you are doing what you are doing.

If you are a female in business, you probably have many roles to play along with being a career woman. No matter how much time you have or how many roles you balance, you are always making decisions that will move you forward or keep you where you are. Unless you change the inner blue print of what is coming to you, you cannot balance your outer responsibilities and make decisions from a calm place from within.

During my earlier years, as a career woman, I spent more time running away from things than going towards them. Having a huge fear of not being taken cared of, I became so career focused that there wasn’t even time to question what was driving me back then. Now I can see the drive was coming from fear and not faith.

My unmet needs- consisting of the belief that if I am not strong, no one will take care of me- made me become “strong” at the expense of my soft, feminine side. If carried out with a healthy balance, taking care of yourself and being independent and self-sufficient, is wonderful. Coming from trying to fill an unmet need, however, it can make one appear strong on the surface, while pushing away an inner strength that is also necessary to attain a more complete “authentic strength”. Being authentically strong involves balancing one’s need for independence while also being “strong” enough to ask others for help. You don’t have to do everything yourself in order to be strong, authentically strong, that is.

Now I attract women in my business who take time to step back and ask themselves, “What is my definition of strength?” They see the importance of evaluating when it was that they decided they needed to be “strong”, and whether or not they still feel the need to be “strong” in that same sense anymore. They are ready to own their soft side and combine it with the strong one, recognizing the importance of both. In addition, they courageously create a community they can go to for help as they no longer hesitate to ask for assistance. These women are mastering the lesson of inter dependence along with independence. They have let their guards down and are ready to be vulnerable with their coach so that they can experience the gift of warmth and safety that comes with being vulnerable. Their lives are never the same once they receive that gift, because after receiving it and recognizing its value, they cannot help but create it everywhere they go. They remember and use this gift long after our coaching relationship is over.

I would encourage you to own all sides of yourself so that you can make wise business and life decisions. Make the ones that are faith-oriented instead of fear driven, and honor your authentic strength.

Can Gratitude Really Lead to Abundance in Your Life?

One of the challenges of living in modern times is that although we have a lot of material things, and an easier life than our ancestors, we don’t make time to notice what is great about what we have. When we go through our daily activities without taking a breath to enjoy what we are doing, we miss out on the rich life experiences every moment is offering us. We are too busy trying to get to something or somewhere. If we can slow down and feel grateful for what we have, we often discover we have a lot more than we thought we did. 

Gratitude is one of the key principles in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance. This book really struck a chord with me because it focuses on many of the concepts I teach in my own business. While reading another of Breathnach’s wonderful books, Peace and Plenty, I am again reminded of the principle of gratitude. 

Sarah talks about how it wasn’t until she started writing about things she is grateful for that she became aware of what she really had.
“I had (listed) more than 150 (things to be grateful for) and then I had an everyday epiphany: I realized I didn’t need a single thing, except the awareness of how blessed I was” shares Sarah. 

In my own business, the very first thing I have my clients do is to take inventory of what abundance means to them by creating a personal definition of abundance. For some, this means making richer, deeper connections. For others it means having abundance of time, doing what they love, or gaining the security that comes from having money saved for their children’s college education, or for their own retirement. 

Whatever their view of what abundance means to them, each individual is unique. Based on their unique definition of abundance, we then create the business model that allows them to achieve the richness of life experiences they dream of. While enjoying everything they are creating, these women also learn how to secure a financially abundant future. 

I recommend that my clients first read my ebook on ‘Gratitude’ in order to come to our calls from a place of abundance. Have you got your copy yet? I would encourage you to make an investment in yourself and purchase this book for the special price of $9.99! It will transform the way you view your life. To get your copy, click here.  

Watch my interview on Gratitude to learn more about how starting from gratitude can help you feel more abundant than you thought possible. 

In my own life, I am grateful about a shift that has happened in my mindset recently. As soon as I am about to complain about something, I catch myself immediately, and instead, I think of something that is great about my life. 

My coaching challenge to you is to start keeping a gratitude journal. Write down five things you are grateful for every day. Take the time to notice the abundance you are creating. Slow down and fully engage in all life experiences. Change the ones you don’t like and embrace the ones that you love. 

Better yet, choose an area of your life you are working on, and write down five things that you are specifically doing to make improvements in that area. Let me know how it is going. 

Remember to check out the ebook on The Power of Gratitude under the product page on my website. We have a new cover and a revised version that you will be sure to love. 

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I had a privilege of being Interviewed by Holisitic Health Luminary on Gratitude. I would love to share it with you. Please read below and Enjoy!


Holistic Health Luminary: How do you keep a Gratitude Journal?

Zahra Efan: Everyday at the end of the day, find five things that happened during the day you are grateful for and jot them down in a notebook or a journal. When you start to do that on a consistent basis, you will realize that you have a lot more than you initially thought you did. You will start to notice all kind of abundance in your life, abundance of time, friends, health, etc. You will become more conscious about noticing the good in your life everyday (because you know that you need to write it down in your notebook at the end of the day!).

HHL: Would you explain how the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity and Gratitude work together?

ZE: “Law of Attraction,” states that what we focus on in our life expands. By being grateful, we are focusing on the good that we already have in our lives. When we start to focus on the things we are grateful for, we attract more of what we are grateful for. Our focus shifts from lack to abundance. For example, even in today’s recession if we really look at our economy, and compare it to the countries where children do not have clean water to drink,
we have a lot to be grateful for.

When people say that the “Law of Attraction,” is not working in their lives, it is because the “Law of Polarity” is clearing away the old beliefs for the “Law of Attraction” to work. 

At first when we start to be grateful for what we have and our experiences in the past have been negative, we stir something inside our psyche. It is as if we are contradicting our deeply held beliefs about what is possible for our future. The subconscious mind starts to bring forth everything that contradicts our attitude of gratitude. It is as if we are being challenged by a Universal force that is asking us, “Are you sure you are ready for more?” For example, if we start to be grateful for the money we have and we lose our wallet instead of attracting more money, all it means is that subconscious mind is digging up the beliefs from the roots so that we can clear them.

HHL: How does your spirituality effect your work?

ZE: My work is deeply influenced by my spiritual beliefs in oneness of the Universe. One can practice any faith as long as the intention is to include instead of excludes others. A lot of people do charitable work because they believe that they are pleasing God. The desire may be inspired by religion, but as long as it is helping feed the hungry I think it is good. We don’t need to be in war with religions or different faiths. We need to be the peace we want to see in the world!

In my personal life, my husband is a very liberal Muslim and respects my desire for having spiritual practices such as meditation in my life. I have friends who are Christians and combine their Christians beliefs with the spiritual practices. It doesn’t matter how we come to the path of oneness whether through Islam or Christianity, at the end we find ourselves in each other. I have a children’s book that I read to my 7 year-old son to expand his understanding of God. It says in that book that ‘whenever God makes someone or something a part of God stays with what he has made.’ I think that’s beautiful!

HHL: If our readers follow your journaling suggestion, what sorts of changes can they expect to see in their lives?

ZE: They will start to notice the things that are working in their lives. They will have more peace, calm and acceptance for what they don’t have. By first accepting where they are and being grateful for it, they can then change what isn’t working. As long as we are in resistance of what we don’t have, we cannot change.

HHL: In your e-book, you discuss clearing things out including past painful experiences. Is this something everyone can do on their own or will people need life coaching or therapy to fully transform and release past and current pain?

ZE: I have had people tell me that they went through the exercises in the book and were able to find gifts in everything they experienced in the past. After finding the gifts, it is important to use the lessons learned from the past pain to help other people. A lot of times, I find our passion is where we have experienced the most pain. I encourage people to get the help of a skilled coach to claim the passion that has born out of the pain so that they can share their gifts with the world!

Interview with Zahra Efan by Molly Mitchell for Holistic Health Luminary (c) 2009. All rights reserved.