Money Cannot Come To An Angry Heart

Money, Abundance, Business,

Money, Abundance, Business,

When we are in a heart centered business we need to generate income sharing our heart gifts. However if our heart is bleeding and there is hurt around money experiences, it is very difficult to make a good income doing what we love.

20 years ago, after finally divorcing my ex-husband who was physically abusive, I migrated to Canada leaving my family behind in England, with no money and my family closed all the doors on me as divorce wasn’t acceptable in our family system.

I wasn’t raised in a poor family. My family had lots of money, but they were not willing to share it with me if I didn’t follow their rules.

After my relationship with my family didn’t work, I decided I didn’t like rich people. I was certain that people with money had no values and didn’t care for each other. I was also sure money was a trap rich people used to get people to do what they wanted. After all, that was my experience with my family. Their love was very conditional. All of these thoughts and decisions were not conscious, they were hidden deep down in my subconscious.

When I found myself in a situation where I was making less money than my expenses, being in a long distance relationship, and not being clear on my career path, I hit rock bottom.

It forced me to look inwards and change my beliefs around rich people and money. Since my relationship wounds happened in relationship with other people, I had to heal my relationship with other people in relation to money.

I totally believe we don’t create money issues alone, nor can we heal them in isolation. Anger wastes a lot of energy. It keeps us in conflict and in judgement of the very thing we want. Resolving our anger in relationship with money is the key to be completely free of money issues.

To grow in business, we need to colloborate with others, and our money issues will show up if they are not healed. They can show up in asking for money from our clients, charging for our value as well as trusting to pay others for the services we receive from them. (We do need to hire people in order to have more time to work at what we are good at and expand our horizon.) Broken trust shows up everywhere until it is healed, transformed and dealt with, in business and in life.

After doing my own money work and seeing my life and business flourish beyond my imagination, or I should say aligned with my imagination :), I see my clients receive miraculous results after they do inner money work.

We need money to be totally free and have more choices in life. We really cannot express our love for humanity unless we have our own money issues resolved. I work with a lot of healers and when they first come to work with me, I see that the same wounds that caused them to become a healer also stop them from charging their worth. I understand their intention, I acknowledge they want to help. I also see the gift of sensitivity they have because of their wounds, only after they start to charge fairly for their life work, their true light returns. They see their value and the ripple effect of asking for their value and getting what they are worth creates a shift that is lasting and is truly gratifying and an abundant experience for me to witness.

Remember, we cannot give to others what we don’t have. If we want to give charity or make a difference for people around the world, writing a cheque helps. There are other means of giving too like giving of our time. However, even if we cannot physically go to Africa, we can still contribute by donating money.

I would invite you to take a look at your life where you had hurtful money experiences and how they are affecting your ability to manifest abundance today.



Zahra Efan is an Abundant Business Coach, Best Selling Author, a Key Note speaker and a Trainer. Most importantly, she is a mother of two children and a wife, also a social activist at heart who wears many hats along with working with her fabulous clients.

She specializes in supporting creative female entrepreneurs to create financially successful businesses and soul satisfying abundant lifestyles. She combines her background in marketing and sales with her intuition to guide her clients toward successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

Zahra has been published in media extensively and has 30+ media interview including appearing on TV and Radio speaking about principles of abundance in business and life. One of her recent key note speech was at Vancouver’s Top Entrepreneurs event. She has also been published along side Debbie Ford in Aspire Magazine along with many other publications including best-selling book ‘Manifesting In High Heels.’

Zahra’s clients are located all over the world including Canada, Australia, and the United States. Zahra works with selected number of private clients, teaches group programs and gives workshop and key note speeches to large audiences. Her passion is to support female entrepreneurs creating a successful business with ease, joy and abundance.

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Create an Abundant Business Through the Power of Gratitude

As Holistic Business Owners, we often have our own healing journey that sets us on a path to help others. However, until we find the gifts in our own story, and feel grateful for our own challenges, it is difficult to help others overcome their challenges.

Watch this video to learn how you can use the power of gratitude to help you transform your pain and create an abundant business and life!

Can Gratitude Really Lead to Abundance in Your Life?

One of the challenges of living in modern times is that although we have a lot of material things, and an easier life than our ancestors, we don’t make time to notice what is great about what we have. When we go through our daily activities without taking a breath to enjoy what we are doing, we miss out on the rich life experiences every moment is offering us. We are too busy trying to get to something or somewhere. If we can slow down and feel grateful for what we have, we often discover we have a lot more than we thought we did. 

Gratitude is one of the key principles in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance. This book really struck a chord with me because it focuses on many of the concepts I teach in my own business. While reading another of Breathnach’s wonderful books, Peace and Plenty, I am again reminded of the principle of gratitude. 

Sarah talks about how it wasn’t until she started writing about things she is grateful for that she became aware of what she really had.
“I had (listed) more than 150 (things to be grateful for) and then I had an everyday epiphany: I realized I didn’t need a single thing, except the awareness of how blessed I was” shares Sarah. 

In my own business, the very first thing I have my clients do is to take inventory of what abundance means to them by creating a personal definition of abundance. For some, this means making richer, deeper connections. For others it means having abundance of time, doing what they love, or gaining the security that comes from having money saved for their children’s college education, or for their own retirement. 

Whatever their view of what abundance means to them, each individual is unique. Based on their unique definition of abundance, we then create the business model that allows them to achieve the richness of life experiences they dream of. While enjoying everything they are creating, these women also learn how to secure a financially abundant future. 

I recommend that my clients first read my ebook on ‘Gratitude’ in order to come to our calls from a place of abundance. Have you got your copy yet? I would encourage you to make an investment in yourself and purchase this book for the special price of $9.99! It will transform the way you view your life. To get your copy, click here.  

Watch my interview on Gratitude to learn more about how starting from gratitude can help you feel more abundant than you thought possible. 

In my own life, I am grateful about a shift that has happened in my mindset recently. As soon as I am about to complain about something, I catch myself immediately, and instead, I think of something that is great about my life. 

My coaching challenge to you is to start keeping a gratitude journal. Write down five things you are grateful for every day. Take the time to notice the abundance you are creating. Slow down and fully engage in all life experiences. Change the ones you don’t like and embrace the ones that you love. 

Better yet, choose an area of your life you are working on, and write down five things that you are specifically doing to make improvements in that area. Let me know how it is going. 

Remember to check out the ebook on The Power of Gratitude under the product page on my website. We have a new cover and a revised version that you will be sure to love. 

Resources:  If you haven’t already, get the *FREE* copy of the beautiful ‘Abundance in Business’  e-book by visiting here.

Are Your Inner Voices Holding You Back?

Did you know that if you don’t “master” your inner voices, they can affect your ability to create abundance in your heart-centered business?  If you can “master” your inner voices you can make your business prosper very easily without a lot of hard work.

The signs that your inner voices may be showing up are:

  • You question your value
  • You compare yourself to others
  • You feel trapped in self sabotage and self judgment

 Mastering your inner voices involves grabbing a hold of these negative messages in your head so that they don’t drain you of your precious energy and time. When these voices come up for you because of what did or didn’t happen in your business, the true freedom lies in ensuring that you don’t view the level of success of your programs or product as a reflection of yourself.

 You are precious, smart and have gifts and talent to share with the world. You cannot always control what happens externally.   But if you take care of your heart by not letting the outside voices affect you internally, you will be more receptive to lovingly listen to the message and learning that comes, especially when something doesn’t work out the way you wished.  These lessons are necessary and need to be heard.

 You will then happily and gracefully move forward to take the next course of action. You will look at the seed of opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

The loving voice will take you towards seeing what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to change.

The freedom lies in not letting outside influences affect your value and what you have to offer. After all, you did get into a heart-centered business because you wanted to share your heart-felt message with the world.

I too have been to a place of self-loathing and self criticism in the past.  It isn’t a pretty place; however, one does have a choice not to let those voices get the best of them.  You can rise above them when you build a strong foundation based on who you are.

The Power of Gratitude E-book

Thanksgiving is upon us. The colours of the leaves are changing, adding to the beauty of the fall.  We recently celebrated my son’s birthday and since then I have been feeling grateful for the life I have created that allows me an abundance of time to spend with my family, connect with friends and enjoy the business that I love.

Abundance business coaching for women is part of what I do in my business.  This includes sharing tools that help one to feel immediately abundant. Gratitude is one of the most significant tools available for tapping into one’s abundance right away. Although it seems simple, it isn’t always an easy task to feel grateful for our lives.

Power of Gratitude e-bookA woman who attended one of my workshops, said that she didn’t feel grateful for anything in her life.  I never deny someone his or her own experience.  Instead I encouraged her to acknowledge fully where she was at the time, to feel authentically grateful for what she was experiencing.

After acknowledging that she didn’t feel grateful and accepting the situation, she was eventually able to see where gratitude was possible in her the situation, in the lessons the situation presented that would support her growth allowing her to become a different person. There are many levels of gratitude in the experiences we go through, not all of them are easy at first, but they all have the potential to lead us to becoming who we are meant to become.

Authentic gratitude is what I introduce in The Power of Gratitude E-book. Everyone who has read the book receives tremendous value and a feeling of gratefulness for his or her life by completing the exercises in the book.

On this thanks-giving day, give yourself the gift of authentic gratitude for the challenges in your life. Find the glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark situation and recognize that challenge allows for the evolution of your soul. Accept the learning presented by the challenge and celebrate what you have today so that you can move toward fulfilling your dreams.  Choose to feel abundant now rather than waiting for your completed goals to create a sense of abundance.

Become the abundance you wish to create!