Become the Market You Want to Capture


When my clients come to work with me, at the beginning we look at the problems they solve for their clients as well as the results they provide. Then we look at who are the ideal people that want help solving those problems. We determine the value of their work together and I help them stretch to charge what they are worth. I have seen a perfect match in the clients they attract and who they are. Their clients are a right match for them because of who they are at the depth of their being. It inspired me to write an article on becoming the market one wants to capture.

What does “become the market you want to capture” mean? It means becoming you!—being so irresistibly attractive that your clients want to buy from you. It means owning your attractiveness! By being yourself and showing your uniqueness—owning it and letting it shine for all the world to see—you become the market you want to capture!

It also means digging deep and getting in touch with all your strengths as well as your wounds. Your clients are a right match for you not only because of your strengths, but also because of what you had to overcome to be where you are. Your history becomes your most cherished gift when you use your history to serve others.

For example, somebody who had their boundaries stepped over a lot will not only help their clients with the major problem their clients come with, but they will also help their clients solve the deeper problem of having firm but loving boundaries which in turn will help their client in all areas of their lives. The ripple effects of their work will change the lives of their clients as it has for mine. It helps them also see the value of their work which goes beyond they comprehend when they first come to work with me.

Once you own all of YOU, you start to see more clearly that:

  • There are people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. When you share your gifts, you are responding to their desires by choosing them and claiming them as your market. The fear of rejection and sales turns into the joy of service.
  • Once you own all of your gifts, you realize that there is no competition. You—and only you—have the solution to the specific problems your clients need help with. In a unique way, only you can provide the kind and level of help they need. With that kind of conviction, you start to stand out from the rest of the market.
  • After doing deeper inner search for who you are and owning it fully, you naturally and confidently start to own your expertise status. You live, breathe, and become the market you want to capture.
  • Here are the reasons why you should become the market you want to capture:
  • When you claim your uniqueness, your clients cannot help but be attracted to you.
  • Your product or service is your creation and an extension of you. Once you say it as it really is, your clients will be attracted to you. Authenticity is very attractive.
  • Here are a few tips on implementing these ideas in your marketing material:
  • Share and connect your passion for your product and your reasons for creating it! You become your product when you speak about it with heartfelt passion!
  • Once you connect with your passion, it will come through when you talk about it in your marketing, your presentation, and everything you say and do.
  • Really own the joy you feel for your creation. Also own what it took for you to get here and I promise it will show. There is a grace about owning ones challenges.
  • Share the benefits your clients have achieved through your product and services because of where you have been and who you are.

Your unwavering belief in and love for your product and services will outshine everything else.


Zahra Efan – Professional Coach and Abundance Expert

Zahra Efan supports holistic female business owners’ breakthrough six figures in their businesses. After having experienced a lot of success in her business including a TV interview, writing for many well known magazines and being interviewed by well known names, Zahra went through a period of burn out and overwhelm. She decided to completely unplug from her business and took time to listen to her life and her business. As difficult as it was, she said no to many opportunities during that time. As a result, after taking two months off, she returned to work and with just one interview that her soul said “yes” to. She made 10k within two days, and since then she continues to increase her income every month. Zahra teaches holistic business owners how to say “yes” to selective opportunities so that they can breakthrough the next income level without working really hard.

Watch Zahra speak about The Power of Gratitude at


Create an Abundant Business Through the Power of Gratitude

As Holistic Business Owners, we often have our own healing journey that sets us on a path to help others. However, until we find the gifts in our own story, and feel grateful for our own challenges, it is difficult to help others overcome their challenges.

Watch this video to learn how you can use the power of gratitude to help you transform your pain and create an abundant business and life!

10th annual Woman Of Worth WOW Conference

Women Of Worth

I’ll be at the one-of-a-kind 10th annual Woman Of Worth WOW Conference on Saturday, May 31st, and because I’m a guest of an award finalist I can extend HALF-PRICE registration for you and your guests so you can join me!

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WOW is a deeply impactful day of Empowered Leadership with world-class speakers, entertainment, lunch and more.  You might even consider putting a reserved Table of 10 together, as one seat is free.  It’s a great perk to be able to share this with my community, and I’d be delighted to have you join me at WOW – it’s the event of the year for women!

At WOW you learn from some of the world’s best, but you also celebrate and heighten your awareness of who you are, why you’re here, and how deeply you matter … which is the most powerful place to lead from.

And I believe every woman is a ‘woman of worth’.

I encourage you to celebrate your worth and take a day for yourself to get filled up, nurtured and excited about whats possible.


V.I.P Day

I had an awesome V.I.P Day with my client at the Sheraton Guildford in Surrey.

When doing internal work with my clients to help them create external results, I am continually amazed at the outcomes. By clearing internal obstacles, these clients allow the path to success to become simpler and quicker.

I believe that we are all born with this potential to bring forth who we are. Somewhere along the way in our lives, however, we adapt to the conditioning of those around us and start hiding our true identity. The real magic is in exploring and embracing who we are when we first came to this planet so that we can get in touch with our natural gifts and share them with others to make a difference in the world. When we share our essence in our marketing, clients are naturally drawn to us.

Here is a photo of my client Rosalyn and I after the retreat. Rosalyn is holding her money archetype card which is ‘Love’.


Rosalyn demonstrated the courage to access her magic. She discovered that what she needed the most was ‘love’, and so she worked on clearing energy that was standing in her way of what she wanted. And in so doing, she also let go of the contracts that no longer served her. Although the intention of these contracts was love for others, Rosalyn realized she needed to have self-love as her first goal. This allowed her to give herself the permission to take care of the self first and foremost. Now, with new decisions and contracts formed to make herself a first priority in her life, she is on her way to creating more income.

Rosalyn also discovered that when we can let go of the emotional charge around debts, it becomes easier to clear the physical manifestation of it. When clearing her family’s money legacy and creating one of her own, Rosalyn formulated particular affirmations that will help her move forward in her business. She has written them on a large sheet of paper and posted them in her office to serve as a visual reminder of what is her new focus. We all have a unique, family money blueprint; therefore, we all have individual affirmations specifically designed for our own clearing process. Here is a poster of Rosalyn’s affirmations.

Rosalyn signed up for a four month platinum program with me and I am really excited to support her in creating the business of her dreams. I am really proud of her courage to be willing to do the work she is doing.

If you would like to apply for a V.I.P. day, please take up this great opportunity. I only have one spot available for the month of April. To apply for a discovery session to explore your relationship with money and experience a breakthrough with it so that you can attract more clients and more income with ease, click here.

The complimentary session is meant to be a means to explore if you would like to work together in a V.I.P day setting. It is recommended, therefore, that you only request a session if you currently have the resources or desire to invest in your business.

What is a V.I.P. Day?

Just like any other in-person retreat experience, we create ‘4 hours of transformational money experience,’ over the phone or in-person if you live locally. Some of my clients also travel to Vancouver for a V.I.P Day with me. By the end of our 4 hour one-on-one time, you will walk away with new tools, strategies and a-ha’s to increase your income right away. You will also get all the templates and handouts that we use during the exercises.

It is truly a transformational experience to go through the depths of your relationship with money. Read the following articles that I wrote for more information on relationships with money.

What Does Your Love Life Have To Do With Making More Money

How Do You Let Money Energy Leak?

To apply for the Abundant Money Retreat 15 minute exploratory Session, click hereThe deadline to apply for the V.I.P Virtual Abundant Money Retreat is April 23rd, 2012.

I will be interviewing only 5 people for this unique opportunity so please apply fast to get secure your complimentary spot.

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Stepping Big Starts Internally

You want to step up big in your business. You see your potential, but the inner voices get a hold of you and you start to see all the obstacles in your way. I strongly believe in clearing the energy internally to pave a way for more abundance to enter your life. Here are 3 steps that you can take to tame those inner voices so that you can step up to claim the income you would like to make.

Welcome All The Inner Voices

Instead of changing the inner voices to positive ones right away, first, welcome all the negative ones with their full capacity. Stay with them. Let them move through your body. Accept your emotions, even if they are of grief or sadness. Whichever emotions come up, let them be there. Once you can be with your limiting voices, you won’t be allowing them to grow stronger. Instead, they will lose their power over you. You will be able to see them for what they are- an illusion based on somebody else’s reality of life, somebody from your childhood.

Face Your Vulnerability

Once you face your vulnerability, the illusion of limiting inner voices- all of the reasons these voices give you for why you cannot shine big- will disappear. You can now plant new seeds. This includes looking at your goals, looking at the possibilities that are available to you, and seeing your potential for shining big. In this way, you can create a fertile ground for the new possibilities to enter.

Making Space for The New

By welcoming inner voices, you are also releasing them from your consciousness. You are now ready to fill the holes with new realities and possibilities. Now it is time to pick up your new goals and create a plan for achieving them.



If you haven’t already, get the *FREE* copy of the ‘Abundance in Business,’ e-book by visiting here.

Is Fear of Losing Relationships Holding You Back From Making Income?


As a coach of female entrepreneurs, I am well aware that the relationship women have with money is different from that of men. Men are generally motivated by the energy of providing; whereas, women have a greater desire to serve and make a difference through their life work. There are, of course, situations where women (single moms, for example) sometimes play both roles: they are providers as well as the ones who share gifts through their life work.

Women also hold different fears around success than men do. Community builders at heart, many women fear how the success of their businesses may change their relationship with those close to them.

The fear of being disliked by others, along with the fear of outgrowing their partners, keeps women away from climbing the ladder of success.  Anything we are afraid of and don’t acknowledge or face can keep success away from us.

I am here to tell you that it is a normal and universal fear for women to want to keep the family together, even if sometimes, this is at the expense of their own growth. Acknowledging this fear is okay; letting it hold you back isn’t.

The soul that is wanting to express itself doesn’t find peace without full expression. Therefore, sabotaging the desires of our soul due to the fear of losing our important relationships is not right.

The voice of the soul doesn’t stop. It keeps urging us to step up, claim the value of our work, and shine our light. The nagging sense of something needing to be expressed keeps knocking at our doors.

So what is a woman to do? Trust. Trust your heart to know that yes, more success will change the way you do things, but it doesn’t have to break apart your important relationships. You don’t have to hold yourself back due to the fear of losing relationships. If anything, after the initial hiccups of others getting used to the change, your relationships may actually improve. Because when we change, others around us often change, generally for the better in the long run. And this can actually be a positive move towards growth for all those involved. You may even decide to challenge that with which you are not satisfied, because with greater financial freedom comes greater choices and wider boundaries.

Remember, success is a process, so it is going to involve major changes in our lives and therefore, our relationships. But you need to trust in yourself, and find a good coach who will help you navigate through the changes as they come along. Know that you will always obtain more than you imagined when you follow your soul’s desires. This, in turn, will help you to make great decisions for the souls of those around you as well, and will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

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Remember, when we change one area of our lives, there is a ripple effect.  You cannot make one change in life without having it touch everything you do.  Make this change with me and watch abundance continue to ripple through your life.

Igniting the Energy

Terri and ZahraThis photo is taken with Terri Zwierzynski who is the President of Solo-E, an online community that supports entrepreneurs to market their businesses over the internet. Terri is part of the Abundance in Marketing Mindset group-coaching class that I am currently teaching. Co-incidentally Terri came to Vancouver for the World Thought Leader Conference, while we were in the middle of the program and I had the great privilege of meeting her during her lunch break at the hotel.

Igniting the Energy

Last month I spoke about intention.  Creating an intention has always been a comfortable concept for me because it uses feminine energy. A focused intention that is born out of being in the flow of life, listening to your soul and capturing that energy in alignment with the natural rhythm of life, allows for miracles in the process of creating a successful business or a personal life.

I have learned that once we make a decision and create an intention, the next step is to ignite various energies in our consciousness that can help align our internal energy with the external object of desire.

The easiest way to ignite these energies of creation is to look for someone who already possess them in their consciousness and get into a relationship with that person. Being in an energetic relationship with this person can help you to quicken the process of your own evolution by exchanging the energy you are trying to ignite in yourself, and in turn help you create what you want to create faster!

I am a strong believer in having coaches and mastermind groups in my business to help me move to next level. I look for someone who has achieved success the way I want to achieve it, by being in touch with their values and expressing their passions from an authentic place, and then I make a conscious effort to get into a committed coaching or masterminding relationship with them to move forward.

It helps on a practical level, of course, with brainstorming and such, but lately I have paid close attention to subtle changes, the changes that happen right away when two people enter into an exchange of creating energy by being in a committed working relationship with one another. The exchange of money makes this relationship committed and when one person pays the other it is a declaration that they value what is offered.   The commitment of exchanging money in turn for talent creates a strong committed energetic relationship in which both people show up fully to explore what is possible for the giver and receiver.

I have noticed in the mastermind group I am leading that changes are happening for the group on many different levels from various sources.  I believe this is because they have committed to the group in a focused manner.

Stay tuned for information about my next program, starting soon, where you will find the support to create intentions that will move you forward towards your dreams.

Evidence of Abundance

I have exciting news to share with you. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March 10th. We are excited to welcome him to our family. I am even more excited that I have a business and lifestyle that allows me to spend plenty of time with my little one and still pursue my creativity. I feel so bl024essed!

I had the easiest delivery I could imagine. I got to experience my divine feminine strength during the process of delivering my child. My intention to experience my divine feminine energy took over my fear of labour.

Evidence of Abundance

Here are the steps to creating an abundant experience in every situation, be it a business project or something more personal.


I had an intention to have an easy labour and easy time after I brought the baby home. Creating an intention is the first step in having an abundant experience.

Asking Someone to Hold Your Intention for You

I shared my intention with a very good friend who was once a midwife in Manitoba. Although I had the intention to have an easy labour, I didn’t quite vision it to be totally natural. Sharing my intention with someone who believed in the divinity of woman to deliver naturally, who believed and held unconditional intention for me made the process of delivering my child easy and effortless.

Accept Support

One of the lessons I learned from my first birth is to always accept good support. With my first child, I didn’t accept support because I felt inadequate asking for help.  Now I am in a different place and accept support graciously. Asking for and receiving help are both acts of generosity. I get my meals cooked by my community and my sister’s housekeeper. My husband does the diaper and bath duty. I get to feed the baby and relax. It is a wonderful way to raise a child.

Believe in Abundance

When I went into labour, the nurse asked me to give a urine sample. I went to washroom but didn’t have any fluid in my body to pass water. At that very moment, my water bag broke and despite of labour pain I smiled thinking of the abundance of water that was available. My friend Jamie had been encouraging me to apply the concept of abundance and law of attraction to my delivery process and it worked like a magic.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

When the doctors told me that I was ready to deliver the baby in 5 minutes, right after I reached the hospital, all my fears came up. I can’t do this. I have low pain tolerance, etc.

During the process of a very easy delivery, I was able to let go of many of the limiting beliefs I had held about myself. I was grateful for the opportunity to release them and choose new beliefs about myself.

Abundance of Time

I was told by many women that labour pain is really bad. “It can feel like you are dying.” In my innocence, I kept waiting for it to get really bad. When I reached hospital they said I was ready to deliver. My husband said he was parked in a five minute parking zone so he needed to move the car. The doctor said, “Your baby is coming in five minutes!” The Universe expanded with an abundance of time. My husband was there to help me deliver and then he went to park the car.

Once again I had to laugh at the reality of abundance, a concept I have been teaching all along.

Pain is Sometimes a Reality, Suffering is Always Optional

The stories we tell ourselves shape the experiences we have. Rather than try to escape the pain of this birth, I decided to embrace it and stay with it. I chose to acknowledge it and noticed that it came and went. Everything in life is like that. It ebbs and flows. When we stay with the pain and embrace the experience and the energy it creates, when we can allow our anger, hatred, fear and pain and let it wash over us and leave again, we will find an abundance of peace and growth on the other side.

Remember, there is an abundance of experience in life to choose from. All we have to do is make a decision, choose how we want experience life and life will show up in that way.