Create an Abundant Business Through the Power of Gratitude

As Holistic Business Owners, we often have our own healing journey that sets us on a path to help others. However, until we find the gifts in our own story, and feel grateful for our own challenges, it is difficult to help others overcome their challenges.

Watch this video to learn how you can use the power of gratitude to help you transform your pain and create an abundant business and life!

How to Create Abundance of Income in Your Heart Centered Business in 2011


In order to love what we do on a consistent basis in our heart centered business, we need to generate profit to help us move forward excitedly in our business. Making profit will not only help us share our message abundantly with the world, it will also help us claim the true value of our work. Here are 5 tips that have helped my client’s generate income and create huge success in their businesses.

1) You Are Your Number One Resource:
In order for you to share your brilliant message with the world, you need to take care of the most important resource in your business which is YOU! Taking care of you means making your needs a priority. It also means having boundaries on your time and precious energy. Serving the clients you love to work with as well as being with people who support your success is another way to take care of your number one resource, YOU.

2) Invest in Yourself
You also need to continue to grow as a person so in turn this will generate more profit. By investing in your personal growth, you invest in your number one resource to better serve your clients. Some of the ways to invest in yourself would include working with a business mentor or coach.

3) Delegate
To make big money, you cannot do it alone. You need to delegate tasks that are not the best use of your time and focus on direct money making activities. Your time needs to be spent on big goals, big projects and the technical and administration tasks need to be delegated.

4) Create Systems
You need to create systems to take advantage of technology so that you are not continuously working manually. You need to create systems for every aspect of your business so that you are not spending your valuable time doing one task over and over!

5) Taking Soul Whispered Internally Inspired Actions
Taking consistent, but right actions everyday is the key to generating huge profits. If you take one big action once a week and then don’t take any profit generating actions the rest of the week, you will lose momentum and not see the big results that come from taking small, but wise and internally inspired, soul whispered, action steps.